Top 7 Education Twitter Accounts to Follow

With its appearance on the market, Twitter caused a revolution in creating content for the public. Excellent skills are needed to pack all the critical information you want to share in 140 characters, as many as one tweet allows. It is actually quite similar to coming up with a strong thesis statement for your essay, as it should also be no longer than a sentence. However, while students can get a good essay writing service with quick response to help them with writing assignments, Twitter is up to you. But let’s not forget that some micro-bloggers make money from finding ways to convey meaning in as simple a form as possible. With that in mind, we will show you some of the best educational Twitter accounts led by professionals and inspirational educators.

1.  Dr. Catlin Tucker (@catlin_tucker)

The Pepperdine University graduate is a professor in the university’s Master of Arts in Education program. Moreover, she is an accomplished writer with many bestsellers about blended learning. You can read her tweets or visit the official website to follow up with her activities.

Since 2010, Dr. Tucker has published more than 100 blogs and runs one of the best Twitter accounts with educators raising questions about issues of the modern studying process. This is the right place to get more details about end-of-the-year assessments’ anxiety and replace exams with performance tasks. Also, Dr. Tucker gladly shares proven strategies for helping students take responsibility for their actions, behavior, and progress. If this is your cup of tea, we suggest you contact her and eventually help her earn a doctorate in new education technology advances from Pepperdine University.

2.  Ruby Tuesday Books (@RubyTuesdayBks)

Ruby is a small independent publisher active in all modern social media. They have about 3K followers interested in professional development, fiction, and non-fiction books. Accordingly, kids and younger pupils can read about current topics, including combatting plastic pollution. They will understand exciting issues such as prehistoric sharks and exploding bugs and more about ground-breaking Sci-Fi solutions in modern life.

“The Twitter and website started almost by an accident when Ruth Owen, the owner, and former educator, was still writing and producing for other US publishers,” explains Elijah Smaltz, another education blogger who writes at also stating that, “Someone asked her why she doesn’t publish on her own and she took a giant leap of faith to start this interesting project.” There is a 10% discount on all their books for newly subscribed to their newsletter to attract new followers and expand the fan base.

3.  Vicki Davis (@coolcatteacher)

The CoolCat Teacher is an award-winning educational Twitter account offering remarkable classroom teaching resources since 2005. Miss Davis is a crowned Teacher Blog Winner and the ISC Global Edruptor 2021 from Camilla, Georgia, USA. Active since 2007, she has more than 166K followers eager to get, for example, nine ideas for well-ending the school year. She offers something for parents, too, so you can learn how to help ADHD kids succeed in life and college.

In addition to one of the best education accounts you can read, Vicki runs a podcast called the 10 Minute Teacher. The podcasts are jam-packed with strategies and experiences from inspirational educators worldwide. Interested people can easily subscribe to her newsletter or go to the website to listen to previous episodes. Until this day, the podcast has 770+ episodes and more than 6 million downloads from subscribers in 194 countries.

4.  Teacher: Martin Burrett (@ICTmagic)

Regarding technology educators, Martin Burrett tops the best education accounts worth your Twitter feed. Mr. Burrett shares resources from his Bloomsbury Curriculum Basics and teaches Primary Computing. The main idea behind this account is that computers are not just for playing games but can help kids prepare to live and work in modern society. You can also get 100 ideas for Primary Coding and answers to many EdTech questions from the blogger who also edits at the UK ED Magazine. In addition, it is possible to watch their educational TikTok accounts and get videos in a contemporary manner.

Unlike some other teachers, this one offers a couple of paid solutions. For example, Mr. Burrett shares a comprehensive portfolio of ideas, CPD, and the latest news to develop metacognitive learning via an affordable and dedicated classroom program. He also believes in sharing novelties and things like board games, cards, and squares introduced in modern lectures, so you can also get Twitter feeds.

5.  Teaching with Jennifer Findley (@jennfindleyblog)

The blogger behind this Twitter account Jennifer Findley runs a blog since 2012, offering practical ideas to inspire teachers and pupils. Jennifer is an educator and consultant also working as an international speaker. She is a mother of three boys and an avid reader. Miss Findley often emphasizes how one of her boys’ autism helped her become a better person and mom so that you will learn much more about life and family than with some other accounts.

After reading her feeds, you can visit the official website or other accounts, including Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram. There is an extensive Freebie Library of teaching tips and tools for grades 3 to 5, which adds more value to this microblog.

6.  Guardian Education (@GuardianEdu)

The UK newspaper giant has a team that produces some of the best tweets about journalism and education. Followers will get a piece of excellent journalism combined with easy-to-digest worldwide updates about technology, knowledge, and more. The company has constantly underlined the reasons to use social media in education, and so they have decided to take the matter into their own hands.

It’s also interesting to emphasize their commitment to broadcasting a broad array of topics to the widest community. The feed is packed with quality news about recent research, new policies, global changes, etc. You will even find international information and understand the world around us better.

7.  Summer Howarth (@EduSum)

Passionate about designing learner experiences spanned across multiple channels, Summer Howarth firmly believes in the power of design. We were pretty impressed by her resume: Miss Howarth is a Helperout-erer and TEDx-er who “eats desserts for breakfasts,” appearing as a “Nifty” thoroughly waxed Facilitator.

The Eventful’s Director of Learning Experience Design wants to make learning more human. The author constantly explores new methods to blend educational technology with the applied human-centered design to achieve this goal.


With the best Twitter education accounts to follow, teachers, parents, and pupils living in a digital environment can get inspiration and learn more about things that surround us. Tweets about education that professionals we presented gladly share are more than a helpful resource on this popular media platform.

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