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Mimir Meme – Explained

Mimir Meme

Do you love memes? There are thousands on the internet that make you laugh as soon as you hear them. Others are relatable and others can be true. No matter how memes make you feel, they are great fun to share with your loved ones, including family and friends.

There is one meme that everyone loves. We are talking about the mimir meme. Have you heard of this one before? If you are not familiar with this meme, it is about time you were. So, keep reading this post and find out all about it.

What Does Mimir Mean?

So, the first thing you are probably thinking is; what on earth does mimir mean? Well, we are going to start to say that the meaning of this word is not obvious. In fact, it is not a word in any language. You are not alone if you are confused right now. We should start by saying that mimir is actually a word that was created by mistake. It was meant to be ‘a dormir’, which is a Spanish word. Instead, it was mispronounced and it ended up being mimir.

You are likely to see mimir said a lot on social media. In particular, you will come across it on Twitter, Tumblr and Reddit quite frequently. Even some famous stars have used this word. So, this is what is making a lot of people curious about it. So, it all started becoming popular when Dr Moricky used the term. He is a Japanese artist and he used the word to interact with a comment left by a fan. When a lot of other users saw this phrase, this is when they started to question what it meant.

How is mimir being used on the internet? Well, it seems to mean when a character is tucked into a bed or is going to sleep. It started being used back in October 2019 and it was part of a meme. In particular, it was an image of a dog tucked into a human’s bed and about it, it said; ‘me after doing one productive thing’. Then, underneath, it simply said, ‘a mimir’. Then, this meme quickly spread to YouTube. In particular, Pablo Valencia included the meme in a video with the caption ‘a mimir’. Soon, it emerged on other social media platforms as people started to relate to the meme. Next, it was used by Tori_Rivera on Facebook. In addition, Edy Cruz used the same image and added the caption ‘hora de mimir’. In English, this translates to ‘time to sleep’.

When Did the Mimir Meme become Popular?

We all know how quickly memes can spread around on the internet. All it can take is one person to share an image and it can go far. Well, this is definitely how the mimir meme took off online. In particular, it started to spread quickly in 2020 when the COVID-19 pandemic was happening. Indeed, more people were spending time at home and on the internet. So, this likely contributed to its popularity since it was easily discovered. A lot of people related to it too because people slept more during the pandemic because there was nothing else to do during this time.

What Other Memes are Trending?

We could be here for hours talking about all of the fantastic memes out there that are trending. But, we do not want to bore you. Instead, we are going to only discuss some of the most popular memes right now. So, let’s get started on some of them.

In particular, there have been a lot of different memes about 2021. After all, it has been a strange year and the pandemic has changed our lives forever. So, there has been a lot of them saying that they want to cancel their subscription to 2021 after having a free trial. There have also been memes making fun of the toilet roll shortage. People have been creating memes from Friends, The Office and even the Parent Trap. In fact, the Simpsons have also been used for memes since we know how things can be predicted from previous episodes.

Have you found any memes that you love in 2021? You are going to find them all over different social media websites. Just make sure that you save them. Often, since there are so many, you can struggle to find them again if you scroll past them. The good thing is, you can always take a meme and make it your own. This is half of the fun and you can make it something funny. Then, you are able to share it around and people might use your meme on the internet with their friends.

To Conclude

Memes are the modern way to share jokes with your friends and family. Indeed, there are so many out there that make you laugh and are relatable. One that is gaining a lot of popularity is the mimir meme. Let’s take a moment to summarize what we have found out in this post.

A lot of people struggle at first to work out what mimir means. Well, do not waste your time as it is not a real word. Instead, it is a word that was actually created by mistake. Instead, it was meant to be ‘dormir’. This is a Spanish word and it means sleep. In particular, the mimir meme is an image of a dog getting tucked into a human’s bed. This is something that a lot of people find funny and relatable at the same time.

The mimir meme became popular during the pandemic when everyone was at home and turned to the internet for entertainment. This helped the meme spread quickly. It made a lot of people laugh, which is exactly what everyone needed during a difficult year. You are likely to see this meme continue to be popular for quite a while since it can be adapted to different situations. Perhaps you can start using it too!

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