Reddit: ‘This Meme is From the Future’ Explained

Reddit: ‘This Meme is From the Future’ Explained

Memes can keep you entertained for hours. We are talking about illustrating everyday situations and making you laugh about them. There are also memes that take your favorite characters and bring them to life in an entertaining way.

But not all memes are straightforward. There might be some that you are not familiar with and this causes a lot of confusion. You just cannot understand why everyone thinks it is funny. For example, are you aware of the ‘this meme is from the future’ on Reddit? This has been causing a bit of confusion on the internet. So, let’s take a look at what it is all about.

What is Reddit?

First of all, you might not be familiar with what Reddit is. Well, this is a discussion website, and people use it to ask questions and to have topics of conversation. It is informal and there is almost every topic to discuss on Reddit. You can post your thoughts and opinions, as well as images and videos. There are no limits to what you can do on Reddit. It was founded in 2005 and it has been popular since then.

So, if you have never been on Reddit before, think about it as a forum. You can talk about a lot of things, as well as vote on other people’s posts. You can educate yourself here, as well as have some fun.

What is the ‘This Meme is From the Future’?

Now, it is time to find out what the ‘this meme is from the future’ is all about. Well, we can tell you that this is all a big joke. You are going to see an image that does not make a lot of sense. This is deliberate because it is supposed to look like a meme, but it is from the future. so, the reason you do not find it funny yet is that it is from the future.

It was originally posted in 2016 by DanknessIn_MemesOut. In particular, you are going to see a yellow image, which has an old man. He is being attacked by other versions of himself, which are in different colors. A lot of people are confused by this. But, that is the whole point of the meme. You are not supposed to understand what is going on because this image is from the future.

Note that there are different memes out there on the internet that take into account ‘this meme is from the future’. In particular, there is a color block version, which has resonated with Among Us players. This is another attempt at a time-traveling meme.

Of course, this is half of the fun with Reddit. You are able to post anything you want. People are making memes ad sharing them on forums. They are going viral because people like them. While some can be confusing, such as the ‘this meme is from the future’, there are others that are more straight forward and easier to understand. You just have to search for them yourself and take a look.

Reddit: ‘This Meme is From the Future’ Explained

What is a Meta Meme?

You might see the ‘this meme is from the future’ being referred to as a meta meme. But, what does this actually mean? Well, a meta meme is one that is better than all other memes. It usually has an ironic meaning to it and you will find that a lot of people do not understand the meme at first. Essentially, a meta meme can be a meme about a meme. Everything gets a little confusing when you are using this work a lot!

Therefore, know that a meta meme is self-referencing and it is a meme about a meme. This is the easiest way to describe what it is. There are quite a lot of meta memes out there you can take a look at to better understand what this is.

To Summarize

There are many people that would say that memes are the best thing on the internet. Anybody is able to make a meme and it can go viral overnight. You can base it on your favorite show or eve make one up from scratch. The choice is yours and you can share your jokes with other people that understand. In particular, a popular place to post memes is on Reddit. This is a popular social platform and forum where you can discuss anything.

One meme that has been causing a lot of confusion recently is the ‘this meme is from the future’ that has appeared on Reddit. Let’s summarize what we know about it.

First of all, if you are very confused by this meme even after we have explained it, do not worry. You are not alone. The ‘this meme is from the future’ is supposed to be a joke and one that is deliberately confusing. In particular, it is not supposed to be funny since the joke is in the future. So, literally, it is a meme from the future that people would not be expected to understand.

The meme first came out back in 2016 and DankessIn_MemesOut posted the ‘this meme is from the future’. You are going to notice the yellow image and an old man. In the meme, is being attacked by other versions of himself. They are in different colors.

Note that the good thing about memes is that there is something out there for everyone to enjoy. So, while you might not like this meme and you may not find it funny, there are going to be other ones out there that you do love. This is the joy of sharing memes, and you can easily explore Reddit to find some that interest you. But, there are many people that enjoys this meta meme. Perhaps this was because they knew the real meaning and liked how it confused other people. So, now that you know what this meme means, you can confuse people too and have some fun.

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