Ash B. Coffin Reddit Story Explained

Ash B. Coffin Reddit Story Explained

Are you a fan of Reddit? This is a popular forum that lets people share their stories and be able to interact with others. Indeed, all type of people are able to comment on Reddit, which makes it fun and interesting. In particular, there is a story that everyone seems to be talking about at the moment. If you like to keep up with the latest news and gossip, you are going to want to hear about this.

We are talking about the Ash B. Coffin story on Reddit. Have you heard about this? If you want to find out about this story and what it is all about, keep reading. Let’s dive into all of the juicy details!

Who is Ash B. Coffin?

First of all, we should talk about who Ash B. Coffin is. You might not be familiar with her and knowing who she is is going to make the story make a lot more sense. Namely, she is a social media personality and is she is mostly known on Twitter. She is from Scotland and likes to talk about her leftish views. She will make a lot of jokes on her twitter, which are supposed to be fun and she can be sarcastic. This means that everything she says should be taken with a pinch of salt. If you are interested in jokes and alt of political tweets, you can follow her on this platform.

What Story is Everyone Talking About?

Now that you have a better idea of who Ash B. Coffin is, it is time to get into the details about the story. This is something that everyone is talking about and it all happened over on the forum called Reddit. In particular, Ash B. Coffin found herself in a little bit of trouble and may have been embarrassed about what happened. Namely, she was embarrassed by an argument she got into with a three year old boy. In fact, people are saying she actually ‘got owned’ by the child. So, let’s find out why.

It all started with something that Ash B. Coffin posted on her Twitter. She tweeted the following speech from her day:

‘I was walking past my old nursery and saw a bunch of wee toddlers doing circle time outside and got teary eyed nostalgia and then one of them saw me and said “look it’s a ginger!” And they all turned around and gaped at me.’

While she was probably making a joke about what happened, she went on to say; ‘you think I won’t ruin a 3 year old boy’s life’. What she was trying to insinuate was that she would be able to seduce his father and ruin his perfect and idyllic family life. In particular, he would manage to get his parents divorced. She even says, ‘no more big back garden for you! 2 Christmases and birthdays, all because you had to be a mouthy gobsh***’.

Ash B. Coffin is known for making humorous comments online. Indeed, she not only posted this on Twitter but she also posted it as a thread on Reddit. In fact, a lot of people liked her post and obviously found it funny. It received over 21,000 upvotes on Reddit when she posted it that day. This tongue in cheek humor is what Ash B. Coffin is known for and this means that her fans would not be disappointed by this story.

But, not everybody was a fan of what she said. In particular, there were a few people that acted like trolls and said on Twitter that his father would not want to date her. Of course, when you make humorous tweets and threads about people, there are always going to be a section of society that will not agree with you. Thankfully, it appears that Ash B. Coffin is not bothered by the criticism and nasty comments she receives online. Perhaps she is used to it and is able to deal with the comments because she likes to make jokes.

To Summarize

Have you been wondering what the Ash B. Coffin Reddit story is? This is something that you might have briefly seen online and you were wondering why everyone was discussing it. Hopefully, after reading this article, you are going to have a better idea of what the story is and perhaps you have an opinion on it. Let’s summarize what the Ash B. Coffin story on Reddit is.

First of all, Ash B. Coffin is someone that a lot of people follow on TikTok. She has a unique sense of humor that is based on sarcasm and this is something that a lot of people like. Thus, she makes a lot of jokes and shares story in Twitter on a regular basis. Indeed, her latest story made its way to a thread on Reddit. Some people had an opinion on it.

Namely, this story was about when she was walking past her old nursery that she went to as a child. she commented on some toddlers that were out playing and they saw her hair color and made a comment about it being ginger. She then went on to say that all of the children were looking at her and this obviously meant she felt embarrassed. Of course, she also saw it as the perfect opportunity to make it a funny story. So, she went on say that she could jokingly ruin that child’s life. In particular, she could seduce the father, cause a divorce and there would be no big garden for the family to enjoy.

Of course, looking at the previous tweets of Ash B. Coffin, this story was probably meant as a joke. Indeed, she may have even twisted the truth a little in order to have content for her Twitter. But, it was meant to be something that was humorous to her followers. Unfortunately, some people did leave criticism and nasty comments on it and it made its way to Reddit. But She is unlikely to be fazed by this.

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