Instagram: Jimmy Smacks Responds to ‘Gay’ Rumors Following Viral Video Leak

Instagram: Jimmy Smacks Responds to ‘Gay’ Rumors Following Viral Video Leak

It is not uncommon for videos and images to be released on a celebrity or internet personality and for them to go viral. Indeed, this can lead to them being cancelled, causing speculation and forcing people to explain themselves. The latest person this has happened to is Jimmy Smacks. Indeed, a video was released on the internet that is making people talk about him and causing a lot of questions to fly around.

Are you not sure what we are talking about? Let’s take a closer look at what is being said about Jimmy Smacks and what video everyone is chatting about on social media right now.

Who is Jimmy Smacks?

First of all, you might not be totally familiar with who Jimmy Smacks is and are curious about what makes him famous. He was born in New York and he is African American. Currently, he is 30 years old and he is making a living being an adult film star. A lot of people know him because he dated Trina and she is a famous rapper in the United States. The relationship was not long-lasting and after about eight months, they went their separate ways. But, this did help him get into the limelight.

Jimmy Smacks makes content on OnlyFans, which is a popular platform right now. It gives creators the freedom to create the media they want to share and people pay a subscription every month in order to access this content. Through OnlyFans, he is able to make a lot of money and enjoys a lavish lifestyle.

In addition, Jimmy Smacks does have a large following on Instagram. This includes over 1.2 million followers. This is an avenue to make money now and with this many followers, he will be able to make a lot of cash that is going to fund the lifestyle that he flaunts.


Now, people know that Jimmy Smacks is part of the adult entertainment industry. In particular, he will post short videos of women and showcases different body types and ethnicities. This makes him quite different on the internet. Indeed, many people like Jimmy Smacks for this and how he is trying to break away from what people usually see on adult websites on the internet. Many people believe he could be the first male to make a lot of money from OnlyFans and could become a millionaire.

What is Everyone Talking About?

Now we know more about Jimmy Smacks and what he does to get himself in the limelight, we can take a look at the latest scandal that is happening on the internet. This video that went viral started to do its rounds on Twitter first. In this video, it showed Jimmy Smacks and another man engaging in sexual acts. This shocked a lot of people because of the content that he creates on OnlyFans and Instagram.

Not all people agreed with the content that was found from Jimmy Smacks. A lot of people were laughing at him and calling him derogatory names because of the video they viewed on the internet. This meant that the story created traction and he was trending on Twitter. A lot of people were talking about it and this meant that Jimmy Smacks eventually had to address what was going on.

Did Jimmy Smacks Respond to the Viral Video?

Due to everybody talking about his sexuality and the video that was going around the internet, Jimmy Smacks felt the need to say something and to address what everyone was saying. First of all, Jimmy Smacks did not deny that the video was real. In fact, he went on Instagram Live and said straight that it was him in the video. But, what he did say, was that he was not gay.

When talking about the video that went viral on the internet, Jimmy Smacks made it clear that he did not care what people were saying. He created the video as a one-off because he wanted to try something different. He made it very clear that he posts whatever he wants to online and he is open and comfortable about it.

Although, Jimmy Smacks did seem irritated that he had to address the video. He clearly did not like that he had to explain himself or give an explanation. In fact, he was very open to admit that some of his friends no longer associate with him because of the video and its contents. Not only are they not speaking to him but they are also joining in on the hate online.

But, one thing you do have to admire about Jimmy Smacks is that he said this is not going to affect him. He is still going to post the content he wants to and what people are saying on the internet will not make him change his mind. He is strong-headed and is unfazed by people judging him. He was also very accepting of the LGBT community during his Instagram Live video.

To Summarize

Therefore, there is no doubt that the video of Jimmy Smacks went viral. People were confused because it was different from the normal content he would post. Instead of women being in them, this one featured a man. Unfortunately, this meant that he also attracted a lot of hate and even some of his real friends started to act differently around him.

But, Jimmy Smacks refused to let it get to him. He said that he is going to continue posting what he wants to on social media and will not let this video affect him. He also stated that being with a man was a one-off that he wanted to try. He has confirmed that he does not identify as being gay. Yet, he also says that people should be less bothered about what he does. He was supportive of the LGBT community and his Instagram Live explained how he felt after he was trending online.

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