How To Take Beautiful Photos for Instagram

How To Take Beautiful Photos for Instagram

Instagram is one of the most popular social networks, a great platform for communication and commerce. Properly built visual style, spectacular shots can attract thousands of subscribers. Today let’s talk about the techniques that allow you to fill your channel with bright, truly memorable pictures!

Basic rules of creating beautiful shots for social network

These recommendations are universal and complementary. On their basis, you can create a successful personal or commercial profile.

  • Choose a theme

The content of the Instagram channel should have a certain focus and carry a specific message, as this determines your target audience. For example, showcasing individual lifestyle, fashion, sports, food blog, nature, vintage, parenting blog, travel, etc.

  • Utilize the power of image editors

Post-processing allows you to make basic color corrections and change the palette of the photo. Also with the help of a lips photo editor application, it is easy to change the color of lipstick or add makeup on “clean” lips. Creativity is not just about getting ready for the shoot!

  • Choose the most comfortable technique

You can take pictures not only on a professional camera but also on a smartphone. If you choose a mobile device, make sure the built-in lens has good light sensitivity, realistic color reproduction and sharpness. Every time before you start shooting, wipe the “eye” of the smartphone camera — following this trivial recommendation will noticeably improve the quality of shots. Do not forget about the variety of settings: modern mobile devices have built-in modes and effects that can instantly improve the photo.

  • Keep an eye on the composition

To create spectacular and balanced shots, it is important to take into account the peculiarities of human perception and compositional guidelines. For example, you can use the rule of thirds. To do this, simply enable the grid option on your camera or smartphone or mentally divide the frame with two lines vertically and horizontally. By positioning objects at the intersection of these meridians, you will get a properly constructed frame.

How To Take Beautiful Photos for Instagram

Pleasing to the eye is also symmetry. It makes the photograph look harmonious. Experiment with angles to find many examples of vertical, horizontal, reflected, or radial symmetry.

A powerful yet simple tool is center composition, where you place a person or main subject in the middle of the frame. However, this approach requires a certain skill and laconic design, so it is not recommended to abuse this technique.

If it is impossible to successfully place the object in the frame, you can simply move closer to it to fill the entire space. This is a guarantee that the viewer’s attention will not be distracted by minor details.

Use leading lines to emphasize the key elements of the composition, emphasize perspective, and add dynamics to the frame. Such leading lines can be roads, fences, bridges, rivers, railroad tracks, etc.

  • Use light

Light is the foundation of any photograph. The ideal option remains the use of natural light. Such pictures turn out warm and bright. A few hours after sunrise and before sunset are considered optimal. But if you feel the impulse of an artist in you, boldly experiment with artificial lighting and accents. It can be the background glow of city lights, the warm glow of festive garlands, the contrasting glare of signs and lanterns — the scope for creativity is huge.

However, shooting in low-light conditions will most likely require a good camera and a fast lens. If you want to add a mystical mood or drama to your photos, shoot in cloudy weather or fog, in the last minutes before a thunderstorm.

  • Remember about naturalness

Unnaturally perfect photos are already out of Instagram trends. Today, naturalness, sincerity is much more appreciated. Of course, this does not mean that you should forget about the choice of angle or the rules of posing, but it is not necessary to fixate on building a flawless frame. For the same reason, it is recommended to be careful when editing finished photos and applying filters.

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