Instagram: Laura Bellizzi – How She Became Famous

Instagram: Laura Bellizzi

There are now many social media apps that can make you famous. In particular, a big one is Instagram. If you play your cards right, you can make a living from this app, posting images and videos for your followers. Even having a few thousand followers can make you a lot of money. You can be a millionaire if you can build up your following even more. This happens through sponsorship deals with brands.

Someone that everybody has been wondering about is Laura Bellizzi. She has become famous on Instagram, but it may have started before the app. So, let’s learn more about Laura Bellizzi and who she is.

Who is Laura Bellizzi?

If we mentioned the name Paris Hilton to you, you probably have heard of her. She is a reality star that is famous around the world. But, if we then mentioned Laura Bellizzi, you may not know who she is. Well, we can give you a hint and say that the reason Laura Bellizzi is becoming well-known is because of Paris Hilton. Let’s get further into this story.

First of all, Laura Bellizzi is from Chicago, but she is often seen in California. She starred in Secrets of Aspen a few years ago, which threw her name out into the world. In particular, this was a reality television show that was on for about one year. This allows people to see her personality. But, there was also a rumor that she dated Mel Gibson. So, people started to learn about her.

So, what does Laura Bellizzi have to do with Paris Hilton? Well, it all has to do with Paris’s wedding. She got married to Carter Reum and since then, people have been saying that Laura Bellizzi once had a relationship with him. In particular, she could be the mother of his daughter. So, this is where many people have been trying to find out more about Laura Bellizzi and what she is like. They have been trying to find her on Instagram and see what her photos say about her, as well as to see what the daughter looks like.

Instagram: Laura Bellizzi

Who is the Daughter?

Apparently, Laura Bellizzi and Carter Reum have a love child. She is around nine years old and her name is Evie. But, despite having these parents, it is believed that Carter Reum does not see the daughter. He only saw her when she was born and does not have an ongoing relationship with her. It is believed that he pays financially for the child.

At first, many people thought that Laura Bellizzi’s daughter was Mel Gibsons. However, these rumors were refuted and denied. Not a lot has been said about whether Evie is really Carter Reum’s daughter. But, there are gossip magazines to say that in 2020, he signed legal documents to confirm he was the father. Whether this is true, we do not know and it is all speculation and rumors.

 Did Laura Bellizzi and Evie Attend the Wedding?

The wedding of Paris Hilton and Carter Reum was a big affair. But we can confirm that Laura Bellizzi and her daughter, Evie, were not in attendance at this wedding ceremony. Indeed, this would back up the story that there is no father-daughter relationship between Carter Reum and Evie. If there was, the little girl would have been at least invited to the wedding so that she could see her father get married.

There are some news sources that say Laura Bellizzi has invited Carter Reum to be in Evie’s life. This also included Paris Hilton. Again, these are just rumors and we do not know this for sure. But, if this story does turn out to be true, it would be strange that a father did not want to be in his daughter’s life.

To Summarize

Sometimes, there are people that come into the limelight and you are not sure why. You have to do some background reading to see how they can fit into someone else’s story. For example, this is something that was necessary with Laura Bellizzi. While some people had heard her name being mentioned on the internet, they were unsure what she was famous for. Let’s summarize what we know about Laura Bellizzi and how she has become well-known.

Most people will recognize Paris Hilton and often, anybody that is associated with her will become famous. Indeed, people have been invested in her recent wedding and in getting to know her husband, Carter Reum. He was not that well-known before meeting Paris Hilton. Well, the same can be said for Laura Bellizzi. Before all of this, she was a relatively small star. Yes, she had starred in Secrets of Aspen and had lived in California for a while. But her fame was relatively limited. That is until Paris Hilton got involved and married Carter Reum.

In particular, people were interested I how Laura Bellizzi and Carter Reum used to be in a relationship. While it is not known how long this lasted or how serious it was, rumor has it they had a love child together. Indeed, we know that Laura Bellizzi has a daughter who is called Evie. She is nine years old. It has been denied that she is Mel Gibson’s daughter. So, everyone is assuming that Evie’s father is Carter Reum.

Are the rumors true? Well, we cannot say for sure. There are some people that say they do not have any type of relationship. Then, there are others that say he is paying financially for the child. This would suggest that he is the real father. However, they were not invited to his wedding with Paris Hilton. So, it is difficult to know what to believe about this story.

Perhaps in the future, more will come out about this story. Maybe Laura Bellizzi will speak about the matter or Carter Reum will be spotted with Evie. Only time will tell in this situation and we will have to wait.

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