Who is Slim Shady? Alex Cooper and Her Lovers

Who is Slim Shady? Alex Cooper and Her Lovers

If there is one thing that people always want to know about celebrities and personalities it is who they are dating. In particular, a lot of people want to know who Alexandra Cooper, the host of a popular podcast, is dating. Well, we hate to disappoint but she loves to make people guess. Indeed, you may have heard her refer to someone as Slim Shady. Let’s take a look at who Slim Shady is and all about Alexandra Cooper and her lovers.

Who is Alexandra Cooper?

Let’s begin by thinking about who Alexandra Cooper is. If you have heard the name before but you do not know who she is, we are going to tell you. So, this is a girl who is a content creator. She is very popular at 26 years old and she is from the United States. In particular, a lot of people have become to recognize her because she is one of the hosts on Call Her Daddy. This is a podcast show that a lot of people watch and listen to. In particular, it is known for talking about a host of interesting topics and ones that are uncensored. It is fair to say that a lot of podcasts would not take on the same content. But, Call Her Daddy is not afraid to take on any topic and has no filter

In the podcast, Alexandra Cooper does talk a lot about her life. She is open with supporters and fans about a lot of topics and what she thinks. Indeed, she even talks about her relationship situations and some personal stories. But, what she does not do is reveal identities of men she has dated. She keeps their original names and whereabouts confidential. Instead, she will give them a nickname so that nobody will know their identity. Here are some names she has used in the past as examples:

  • Mr Sexy Zoom Man
  • The Canadian
  • Door Number 3


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Who is Slim Shady?

First of all, it is important to point out that there is a more famous Slim Shady out there that a lot of people will instantly think about. We are talking about Eminem. This famous American rapper often refers to himself as Slim Shady. He is also known by this name by fans. He uses it as his alter ego when he is rapping in a lot of his songs. In this article, we are not referring to this famous Slim Shady.

Instead, Slim Shady is a name that is commonly referred to by Alexandra Cooper. It is supposed to be a nickname that means that her relationship will not be revealed. Think about Slim Shady as a cover name that Alexandra Cooper uses in order to talk about someone but without having to reveal their identity.

Therefore, Slim Shady is not Eminem. Simply, it is another one of Alexandra Cooper’s nicknames for a guy that she knows. But, we do have some more information that can allow us to piece together some of the puzzle when it comes to finding out who Slim Shady is. There have been hints that this man is an athlete.

Who Do Fans Believe Slim Shady Is?

Fans love when their favorite personalities are cryptic with them. Indeed, they can be great investigators and often, they are able to do a lot of research and find out who someone is. This is true about Slim Shady. There are a lot of fans who claim they know who Slim Shady really is and they are happy to share their theories. So, let’s take a look at some of them.

First of all, a lot of people are adamant that Alexandra Cooper is referring to Noah Syndergaard. This man is a baseball pitcher. It is thought that Alexandra Cooper and Noah Syndergaard started dating in December 2017. But, they have been on and off when it comes to dating. Indeed, they did announce publicly that they had broken up back then. But, things are still to be confirmed.


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Will We Ever Know Who Slim Shady is?

Often when you are mysterious and cryptic about a situation, you just fuel your fans even more. So, there is no surprise that people really want to know who Slim Shady is. Well, we might be in luck. Apparently, Alexandra Cooper does have a boyfriend and she is going to announce who this man is in the future.

But, it is thought that her current boyfriend is not actually Slim Shady. Instead, it could be Mr Sexy Zoom Man. He has been mentioned in quite a few episodes and now it is likely that fans are going to get some answers.

To Summarize

If there is one person that is not afraid to share personal stories it is Alexandra Cooper. She is very open and honest as one of the hosts on Call Her Daddy. This is why she has a lot of fans and her podcast is so popular. People love to hear personal details about your life and she shares stories about her relationships and love life.

But, for a number of reasons, Alexandra Cooper does refer to men with nicknames. This allows her to share more details on her podcast and with her fans but without revealing their actual identity. But, what this does do is fuel curiosity of who she could be talking about.

She has used a number of nicknames in her podcast. This includes Mr Sexy Zoom Man and Slim Shady. In particular, Slim Shady is one that has gained a lot of interest. Unfortunately, we are not sure what his real identity is. But, a lot of fans believe that he is an athlete. In particular, he could be Noah Syndergaard who she is known to have dated before. Alex Cooper has said she is going to reveal who her boyfriend is. But, this might not be slim shady and we will have to wait and find out.

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