Tiktok: ‘Bussin’ Meaning

Tiktok: ‘Bussin’ Meaning

Right now, TikTok is one of the most popular apps in the world. Everybody is loving sharing their videos and following trends. In particular, people are developing their own slang and creating their own dictionary when it comes to words. If you want to ensure that you keep up with the latest trends and words that everyone is saying, you need to learn about the latest slang phrases.

For example, you might notice that everybody on TikTok is saying ‘bussin’. Indeed, you may hear your friends or people passing you in the street using this word. Since it is not a word that sounds like anything familiar, it can cause confusion. You cannot easily guess what the meaning is. So, today we are going to learn all about the meaning of the word ‘bussin’ and how you can use it in a sentence. Let’s get started!

Where did ‘Bussin’ all Begin? 

First of all, let’s start by considering where bussin started and the video that has led to the popularity of this word. The current trend is a lot of people saying ‘is it bussin Janelle?’ in videos. Again, where there is no context, it can be difficult to know what this means.

A person called Janelle Rohner is responsible for the start trend on TikTok. She now has 3.4 million followers on the app after her videos when viral. She is 33 years old and is from San Diego in California. Despite might you may think, her videos are all about the Keto diet, as well as sharing low-carb recipes with her followers. People like to hear her tips and she has even released a cookbook and fitness plan to help other people. In her real life, she works as a nurse. She also has a family, which includes a husband and two daughters.

Before the ‘bussin’ trend went viral, a lot of people knew Janelle Rohner for being the bell pepper woman. This was because in 2020, she was known to eat a lot of bell peppers and she would eat this food with almost anything. But, when it comes to this trend, it all started when Janelle Rohner posted a video asking her followers what bussin meant. She was very honest and said that she was confused about it after seeing a lot of comments and duets.

But, people had a sense of humor on the app and they did not want it to be straightforward for Janelle Rohner. So, instead of answering her question, they simply started to duet her video. In particular, they kept saying, ‘is it bussin Janelle’. After a while of confusion, Janelle Rohner did some investigating of her own. She then discovered what the word meant and she responded with her own video. In her video she said, ‘to answer your question, yeah it’s bussin’.

What Does ‘Bussin’ Meaning?

Of course, in none of these videos, from the duets to the response from Janelle Rohner, does anyone actually say what bussin means. So, if you have seen the video and have read this far, you are not going to know what this word means either. Indeed, you may be just as confused as Janelle Rohner was.


It’s icing 🥺 #NHLFaceOff #HealthyCooking #bussin #society #shrek #art #MoneyTok #foryou #fyp #icing #xyzbca

♬ original sound – Cheese boy

Let’s start by breaking it down and explaining what bussin actually means. Essentially, this is a word you would use if you thought that something was very good. You would use it in a positive way and to praise something that you liked. Thus, bussin is a TikTok slang word that you would use to say ‘very good’.

So, let’s think about how you would use the word ‘bussin’ in a sentence. Say that you really liked someone’s cooking and you enjoyed the meal they served you. You would thank them and say their food was bussin.

To Summarize

If you are someone that loves TikTok, you are going to be watching a lot of videos on a daily basis. Of course, you will notice that a lot of words and phrases are becoming popular through the app. This can make you curious about what they mean if they are not easy to guess. After all, people are starting to use them in real life and in every day conversations.

In particular, you may have seen a lot of people using the word bussin. This is the latest word to go viral and be trending on the app. A lot of younger people are using it. So, what does bussin mean?

Well, in this article, we have described that bussin means something is very good. It is used to describe something that you like and it can be used to praise something. Think about it as a slang word that you can use for something that is cool or awesome. Instead, you can say that it is bussin. For example, that concert you went to was bussin.

If you are interested in where it all started, bussin started to go viral because of Janelle Rohner. While she is a TikToker who creates a lot of keto and fitness videos, she caused the word to spread and go viral. She was very confused about what it meant and asked her following to help her out. But, instead of doing that, they were humorous and tried to confuse her even more. Instead, they kept saying, ‘is it bussin Janelle’.  Eventually, she managed to work out what bussin meant. But, this scenario meant that a lot of people started to see the word in the comments and it made its way around the app.

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