TikTok: ‘Ciusism’ Meaning

TikTok: ‘Ciusism’ Meaning

There are so many different words floating around on TikTok that it can be hard to keep up. While some are obvious and you can quickly learn how to use them, there are other words that are not so easy to guess. In particular, a lot of people have been confused about the latest word to hit TikTok. We are talking about Ciusism.

So, do you know what this word means? The chances are, if you are reading this guide, you are not familiar with this one. Perhaps you have seen Ciusism on TikTok or other social platforms but you are not sure how to use the word. Well, let’s take a closer look and get to the bottom of what Ciusism means. 

What Does Ciusism Mean?

It is likely that you will see Ciusism written in a lot of comment sections of videos. You will be just as confused about this as the creator! Indeed, it has become a trend to use this word and flood the comment sections with it. This can happen quite often and it is the latest word trend to happen online.

First of all, one of the most popular questions is; what does Ciusism mean? Well, unfortunately, there is not a straight forward and definitive answer to this question, which means that we have had to do some digging. So, you might find some different answers depending on where you go and what you choose to believe. One thing is for sure, a lot of people are using the word Ciusism.

One person that is pinpointed to creating the world ‘Ciusism’ is @gadonkoze. It is believed to be a made-up word that he created. It appears that there are good conations to this word and it is used to spread positivity rather than hate or something that is an insult. In fact, it is believed that @gadonkoze has now created a religion called Ciusism. She says that this word is used in order to portray the message of ‘mind your business’. While this is likely to be a joke, it is one that is also going to be good for spreading positivity since it means less judgment of others.


Reply to @eva.hesse Essentially live and let live, love and let love #ciusism #religion #notacult #queer #haitian #blacktiktok

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How is Ciusism being Used on TikTok?

There are a number of ways you can come across Ciusism on TikTok. Namely, you are going to see it in a lot of comment sections. While this is a trend, @gadonkoze actually asked her followers to do this. The point was to spread positivity and to encourage people to mind their own business. Of course, this would also build her following too.

Again, it is hard to say whether Ciusism is supposed to be a real religion or something that is a joke. In her videos, there is some sarcasm used. So, it is perhaps to make a joke. But, there is a lot of good that can come from Ciusism. In particular, there are people out there that should mind their own business and allow others to get on with their lives. So, this can serve as a reminder that they should be doing this.

But there are a lot of people out there that do not know the meaning of Ciusism. So, it is likely that they see other people using this word and are jumping on the bandwagon. In other words, they may be writing it on comment sections of a video but without knowing actually what it means. This often happens with TikTok trends. People copy others without knowing what it is. But, the consequence is still the same; it will go viral.

To Summarize

Hopefully, after reading this article, you are going to understand what Ciusism means. This is just one of the many words that you are going to come across on TikTok. This platform has been the birth of many trends out there, whether it is dancing, singing or jokes. Indeed, Ciusism is another word that is becoming popular because of the social platform and it is not likely to be the last.

So, let’s conclude on what Ciusism means. Essentially, this is a made-up word and it is not something that is real. Well, not for now, anyway. If it continues to be a popular word, who know when it could be added to the dictionary. Even if this is Urban Dictionary. It is believed that @gadonkoze made up the word Ciusism. In particular, she has made it into a religion that is supposed to be about minding your own business. Indeed, it is supposed to be something that reminds others to be mindful and to spread positivity instead of bringing others down.

It is difficult to say whether Ciusism was created to be a joke or if is serious. Likely, it is going to be used as a joke by other users of the app. In particular, you are going to see it written in the comment section. People comment this on videos in order to remind people to mind their business. Think about it as sarcastic humor. Again, it is a trend too. So, there are going to be users out there that are just copying others and they are not sure what it means.

Now that you have a better idea of what Ciusism is, you can decide if you want to use this word or not. You can also tell your friends what it means so that they understand why people are using it on TikTok.

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