TikTok: Baby Franklin and @baidaugh Account

TikTok: Baby Franklin and @baidaugh Account

Do you love to discover new TikTok accounts? Do you enjoy watching videos with adorable children? Well, we have the perfect account for you to follow. We are talking about baby Franklin and the @baidaugh account. Right now, this is a very popular account and people are loving watching adorable and wholesome videos. In particular, family accounts are doing well and they are creating content that is making people smile. In particular, this is what baby Franklin is managing to do through the @baidaugh account.

So, you do want to learn more about who baby Franklin is and check out the @baudaugh account? Well, let’s get started and find out.

What is the @baidaugh Account?

First of all, it is important to learn about what the @baidaugh account is. This way, you can understand who Baby Franklin is and why he is becoming popular on TikTok. First of all, this is an account that has over 196 million likes, as well as gathering around 3.3 million followers. This makes it a highly popular TikTok account and one that a lot of people are getting to know. It is likely that you will see their account come up on your TikTok soon. In particular, videos of baby Franklin have gained over one million views.

The @baidaugh is run by the mother of the family. It was started in December 2019 and she enjoys posting videos of the family. Indeed, a lot of people like watching them. Bai Daugh is the mother’s name and she is a professional photographer. The purpose of her account is to show her lifestyle, which is why she also posts videos of her sons. She has three and their names are Grant, Lincoln and Franklin. She is also married to Curtis and is 29 years old. The family is from the United States and the couple have been married for over 6 years. Despite posting a lot of videos on social media, the family are private when it comes to their extended family life. Not a lot is known about their parents or if they have any siblings.

When it comes to other social media, Bai Daugh does post on Instagram She has over 160,000 followers on there and there are quite a lot of photos posted. Of course, they are also of her adorable children. However, it does not appear as if she has other social media accounts. Namely, there is no YouTube, Twitter or a Facebook account.

Who is Baby Franklin?

One of most important questions to answer is’ who is Baby Franklin? Well, let’s say that Franklin is one of Bailey’s children. He is the youngest of three brothers and through TikTok, his mother document their lives. Of course, since Baby Franklin is so young, it is unlikely that he knows just how much people enjoy watching him online. One day, he might like to look back at the memories that have been created for him.


thank you @claire_campbell & Eric for this gift! I think it’s safe to say he loves Mr. Hedgehog. #franklin #foryou #fyp

♬ Up – Movie Theme – Giampaolo Pasquile

It is believed that baby Franklin has a disability. In particular, he may have a condition that is called KBG Syndrome. This is a rare condition, which means that not a lot of people know about it and what it is. It is thought to be a genetic disorder and it is one that can happen to males and females. Namely, it is something that can cause a short stature, as well as abnormalities with development of the limbs. But, it is important to realize that this is just another reason to love baby Franklin and it is essential that everybody is kind to others! 

Are Baby Franklin Videos Popular?

There is no doubt that people are loving all of the videos about baby Franklin. Children’s videos tend to do well on TikTok. After all, who does not like adorable videos of children? In particular, people have loved videos showing baby Franklin opening up fan mail and looking fascinated with what he finds. In particular, he loved a toy hedgehog that he received. In particular, that video boasts over 5.5 million views, as well as gaining over 1.7 million likes.

In addition, a lot of people liked a video of him where he is wearing a wolf costume. Everybody wanted to join his wolf pack! This led to the video enjoying over 1.2 million views on the social app.


trying this one again..wolf pack. Alpha: Franklin.

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To Summarize

Hopefully, you now know who baby Franklin is and have found out more about @baidaugh account. Indeed, they are both very popular and you can check out the content online on TikTok. There is also going to be images available on Instagram.

So, @baidaugh is a professional photographer that is taking her skills and career to new heights. People are loving the content she is uploading and watching videos of her adorable children. The videos have so many views and likes, with over 3.3 million followers on the account. It is like that their TikTok is going to continue to grow, with a lot of people wanting to follow their family life.

In particular, a lot of people like Baby Franklin. He is the youngest out of the children and he is cute to watch on TikTok. It is likely that baby Franklin has KBG Syndrome, which is a rare disability. While this is a genetic disorder, it is not one that you should just him for. Instead, he is helping to spread awareness. People love him on TikTok and there are a lot of fantastic videos of him. This includes receiving a toy hedgehog from someone. Again, his videos get millions of views and a lot of likes too. There is even a sweet video of him dressed in a wolf costume and that has gain around 1.2 million views in a short space of time.

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