TikTok: Elizabeth Zoom Class – The Latest Info

TikTok: Elizabeth Zoom Class – The Latest Info

The pandemic has meant that more people than ever before are working and studying from home. This means that everything is being done virtually and Zoom calls have been the latest way to stay in contact with colleagues and other students. Of course, this means that you can have your camera on, as well as the microphone.

After an innocent on TikTok, people are being very cautious when they are on Zoom and participating in group calls. In particular, you may have heard about the Elizabeth Zoom Class incident. Do not worry if you have not heard this story before, we are going to explain everything. So, let’s get started.

What Happened in the Elizabeth Zoom Class Incident?

We all know that if you post a video on TikTok, there is a big chance that it is going to go viral. Indeed, this is what happened to Elizabeth. This was a 40-second video that suddenly went vial since a lot of people found it funny and eye opening. So, let’s get into the story and what happened.

It all began when Elizabeth tuned into a Zoom class at school. All of a sudden, her icon lit up and some X-rated noises came through from her microphone. This was then played to all of the classmates that were participating on the Zoom call. Indeed, her classmates heard these noises and were alarmed by this. In particular, they sent messages to her saying ‘bro mute’. In other words, she should mute her microphone so that they could not be heard.

Unfortunately. Elizabeth did not get the messages on the group chat. This meant that she was not aware that everyone could hear her microphone and that it was not muted on the Zoom class. The first day that this video was uploaded to TikTok, it received 2.5 million views. It would be safe to say that Elizabeth would have been embarrassed about this!


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What do People Think of the Zoom Class?

The view on the Elizabeth Zoom class is mixed. For some people, they think that it is hilarious and this is a funny video. Then there are other people that cringe and feel sorry for Elizabeth since she has no idea what is going on. Since millions have now seen the video, this is probably very embarrassing for her. Then there are other people that simply do not want to hear the video as it is inappropriate. So, the comments on this video are mixed.

But, one thing has resulted from the Elizabeth Zoom Class video. People are not paranoid about Zoom and are terrified of their microphone not being muted properly. Now, people are double checking that they have switched off their microphone when they are participating in a Zoom class. They have learned from Elizabeth’s mistake and want to ensure that they are not going to be overheard by accident during a class.

There is no doubt that the Elizabeth Zoom Class incident has made people paranoid. In particular, there are people that are now convinced that teachers may still be able to hear you even if you have your microphone on mute. While this is unlikely to happen, it has made people scared about their privacy when they are on Zoom. There is no doubt that there have been other people that have had bad experiences on Zoom. But it is likely that this is also down to their own mistakes and not down to Zoom itself.

Since there has been a lot of speculation about this and a lot of people have been scared to use Zoom, the app has had to speak out. Indeed, they have stated that people should not be able to listen into your conversations when you have muted your microphone on a call. But, they did say that there is a way for the host to ban you from muting yourself. This would mean that muting would not work. So, this is something that you should remember in the future. For example, a lecturer for a class might disable the mute feature, which would mean that you are going to be heard on the call.

To Summarize

With the pandemic happening, you are going to be communicating more over the internet for the near future. In particular, if you are at college or you work in a team, you are going to be making video calls. This means having your microphone on, as well as using a web cam to communicate.

For a lot of people, Zoom calls are not something they are comfortable with. Well, this is certainly a story that can make you feel paranoid! Elizabeth definitely made the class uncomfortable and it is unclear if she knew what she was doing or not. She left her microphone on and let everybody hear X-rated noises. She did not receive messages from her classmates in the group chat, which meant that everyone heard it and it continued because she was not on mute.

Now, when you are in a meeting or in a class, you are going to be checking the mute button several times to make sure that you have pressed it. This is an option that is going to work most of the time. But, something to be aware of is that if the leader of the meeting has disabled this feature, it is not going to work.

There are a few lessons to learn from the Elizabeth zoom class video. But, a lot of people have found it funny on the internet. Of course, there are also people that do not appreciate this and are scrolling past the video and complaining.

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