TikTok: Shower Onion Video Trend Explained

TikTok: Shower Onion Video Trend Explained

We all know that TikTok trends can be weird and wonderful. After all, that is what makes them so interesting. If the social app was normal, it would not be so entertaining! But, people are questioning whether the latest one has gone too far. If you are wondering what trend we are talking about, we are talking about the onion video trend. Are you not sure what this one is? Do not worry, we are going to explain exactly where this trend came from and how it is going. So, let’s get started on the onion video trend.

Where did the Onion Video Trend Begin?

First of all, if you are trying to guess what the onion video trend, you might not get it straight away. To begin, we will say that it does not mean that you have to eat any onions in the shower! In addition, you will not have to use it instead of soap either.

The onion video trend all started as a result of Karalynn Dunton. While you might not know this name right now, it is likely that you will remember it later on. She has an account on TikTok, as well as being a writer and comedian. Indeed, people did like her video and this means that she is more well-known than before.

So, the video surrounded her going to a date with someone. Namely, she went to use the bathroom in their apartment and she found something that she was not expecting. While she did not go searching around directly, she did come across something all of a sudden. If you have not guessed yet, we are talking about shower onions.

The video was an attempt at being humorous. She was taking a video of how organized the man’s bathroom was. Everything was in its place and then she talks about the shower onions as if they are a normal thing. Of course, this gained a lot of attention when people watched it. In fact, the video has been viewed over 6 million times.

The comment section was full of confusion and a lot of questions. People had never seen a bowl of onions before in the bathroom. The fact that they were called shower onions as if this was a normal thing was causing a storm on TikTok.

Was the Shower Onions a Joke?

In case you are really confused and are questioning whether shower onions are a real thing, let us clear something up for you. It was in fact meant to be a joke by Karlynn Dunton. She set up the video so that the shower onions were in it. It was meant to be humorous and make people question the fact that there were onions in there. Thus, she was not actually on a date either. She asked one of her male friends if she could do this joke for TikTok in his bathroom. Of course, he said yes and this is where the shower onions video all started.

However, what Karylnn Dunton did not actually realize is that some people do have shower onions. It is believed that people put them in their because it can act as a natural deodorizer. Indeed, when they are cut, they can mask odors that are in the air

What was the Shower Onions Video Trend?

What started of a joke on TikTok actually began a trend. People were so invested in shower onions that people made their own videos on it. A lot of people thought that it was stupid and blamed Gen Z for thinking that this was a real thing they could use in the bathroom. However, some people thought that they would try the hack of using shower onions to see if it really was a natural deodorizer.

Karylnn Dunton cannot believe that she went viral over something that she made as a joke. She did not expect it to go as far as it did. But, it does now mean that people know her name if they did not before. 

To Summarize

TikTok is a fascinating app that can keep you entertained for hours. In particular, there are a lot of different trends that make their way around and it can be interesting to keep up with them. The latest one that you might have come across is the onion video trend. If you do not know what this was about before, hopefully you have gained a better picture now

To summarize what this trend is all about, it was all started by Karalynn Dunton. She is a comedian and her goal was to make video that was unusual, funny and kept everyone guessing. Indeed, this is what she has achieved and people are still talking about the onion video trend now.

It all started with her making a video of her looking around a date’s bathroom. This is something that a lot of women do when they are on a date, as they say you can tell a lot about a man based on how tidy and clean their bathroom is. So, this was going to be a video looking around. As she panned around the room on her phone, she captured a lot of objects and how they were very neat and tidy. Then, she made sure that she captured the bowl of onions that were positioned on top of the toilet. They were called shower onions.

Karalynn Dunton admitted that shower onions were only supposed to be a joke. But. it turns out that people actually do keep onions in their bathroom. There is a belief that they are able to odorize a room and absorb bad smells throughout the day. People are torn on whether this works or not and everyone wanted to have their say on the matter. This is where the onion video trend all started.

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