TikTok: Dog Water Meaning

TikTok: Dog Water Meaning

Are you someone that likes to watch videos on TikTok for hours? Have you noticed that people say a lot of unusual phrases? Indeed, it is not just dancing or lip-syncing trends that are taking over TikTok. People are also using a lot of different phrases and coming up with words you have not heard of before. Of course, you want to know what they mean in order to join in the fun.

For example, the latest slang phrase that everybody is referring to on TikTok is ‘dog water’. In particular, this is a phrase that is being used by gamers. So, what does ‘dog water’ mean and in what context can it be used? Let’s take a closer look and find out.

Where has Dog Water Come From? 

If you are trying to find out what dog water is, you are best looking at where it comes from first. Namely, this is a phrase that has come from gaming. This is how it has emerged onto social media platforms and how it is used by young people. But, if you try to research it online, you might find that some people have a different idea of where this comes from. In particular, there are some people that say that it was first used in the 1960s. However, in the context of TikTok, this is not what we are going to be discussing.

It is believed that dog water actually came from Fortnite. This has been an extremely popular game that a lot of young kids, teenagers and young adults have been playing over the last few years. In fact, a lot of trends have resulted from this game, such as dancing moves. So, it should not come as too much of a surprise that ‘dog water’ has arisen from Fortnite and taken the TikTok world by storm. So, let’s take a look at the whole story.

A lot of Fortnite players like to speak when they are playing. After all, it is a multiplayer game where you are allowed to do this. In addition, if players are recording them playing the game, they are often going to speak on camera to their audience watching. This can make it more entertaining for those that are watching the battle. This is where dog water has come from.

A player called Peace Control Kyle is believed to have started the dog water trend. He posted a video on TikTok and on YouTube during gameplay and this was on 8th December 2020. In particular, he said:

‘You’re literally free, boxed you, dog water, 0 Pr, you have no earnings, no wager earnings, you’re free, literally so free, freer than a free sample at Costco, your dog water, literally so dog’.

Unfortunately, the original video seems to be have been taken down on both TikTok and Youtube. This means that you might not be able to view them. But, they did gain millions of views before they were deleted from the different platforms. This allowed the meme to emerge about dog water. Indeed, now a lot of gamers have started to make videos about it, as well as use it as a slang gamer phrase when they are playing Fortnite and other action games.

What does Dog Water Mean?

So, what does dog water actually mean? When it is used in a sentence, it is meant to mean something that is trash or very bad. In other words, if you are playing Fortnite and you are playing badly against other players, you are going to be described as dog water. This can be used in a lot of different contexts and not just for playing games. The idea is that you are dog water, which is often dirty and not very clean. It is second best and it is not something that you want to have. Therefore, someone who is bad at something is going to be dog water.

To Summarize

So, you wanted to know what dog water meant and hopefully, you have found out the answer. This is something that you have probably come across on TikTok when you have been watching videos. After all, this is the social platform where a lot of new words and phrases are being created.

To summarize, dog water is a phrase that is used to describe when someone is not very good at something. They are trash and you may think that you are better than them. In particular, you are going to hear the phrase dog water used a lot in gaming. Thus, when someone is playing badly and other players are beating them at the game, they are going to be described as being dog water. This is used as a way to describe someone since nobody would want to drink dog water. It is thought to be dirty and not very good.

Where did the phrase dog water come from? Well, it all started with Peace Control Kyle. He is someone that likes to play Fortnite and he used this phrase in one of his matches. He used it to describe another player that was not very good and he said he was like ‘dog water’. Of course, a lot of people listened to his speech and this meant that the phrase went viral. In particular, it started to take off on TikTok. Now, a lot of people are using the phrase to describe something that is trash.

Dog water is not just a phrase that is used in gaming. While a lot of gamers now use this phrase, TikTok means that it has become a mainstream phrase that can be used in a variety of situations.

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