TikTok: ‘Booty So Big Oh Lord Have Mercy’ Song Lyrics Explained

TikTok: ‘Booty So Big Oh Lord Have Mercy’ Song Lyrics Explained

As soon as you log into TikTok, there are catchy songs you can listen to. These are for certain challenges and trends, as well as simply people sharing their music on the platform. Either way, you can find plenty of new tunes to add to your playlist.

There is one song lately that everyone has had stuck in their head. In fact, many have attempted to randomly singing it around their house. We are talking about the ‘Booty So Big Oh Lord Have Mercy’ song. Have you heard this one before? 

Who Sings The Booty So Big Oh Lord Have Mercy’ Song?

If you have never heard the Booty So Big Oh Lord Have Mercy song, you probably want to know more about it and who sings the tune. Well, we can reveal that it is a song by Chloe Bailey and it is actually called ‘Have Mercy.’ People are finding it catchy and are adding it to their playlists, as well as using it as a background sound on TikTok.


this is 23… HAVE MERCY COMING SOON 🍑🙌🏽

♬ Have Mercy – Chlöe

Are there any particular trends that people are using the Booty So Big Oh Lord Have Mercy to? Well, there are a few we have identified, but people are mostly just having fun with this one. Of course, some of the lyrics are funny so you will find that almost everybody tries to make their videos humorous on TikTok. The upbeat song means that some people are creating dances to it too.

What are the Lyrics?

M^^da on the beat, so it’s not nice!
B^^ty so big, (work) Lord have mercy

Why I keep bossing like I do (Work it, work it!)
Why I keep f^^ssing like I do (Work it, work it!)
Why I keep s^^cing like I do (Work it, work it!)
Why it keep costing like it do (Work it, work it!)
All this a^^ up in my jeans (Work it, work it!)
You can’t get all up in between (Work it, work it!)
You tryna get a piece of me (Work it, work it!)
I can teach you a couple things (Lord, have mercy! Work!)

Essentially, the lyrics keep repeating this pattern with an upbeat tune. It is easy to learn the lyrics and you cannot help but join in as it is catchy.

Is There Any Meaning Behind the Song?

Is there any meaning behind the Booty So Big Oh Lord Have Mercy song? Well, not really. It is mostly a fun tune. But, it is possible that Chloe Bailey is having a go at her haters in this song. She has had a lot of comments about her body on social media and they have chosen to bully her. So, she is known to be confident and brought of her body, which might have meant that this song was to get back at all the haters.


essa trend pra quem ama malhar perna é moleza 💟

♬ Have Mercy – Chlöe

Sometimes, you just have to accept that songs do not really have a meaning. They are just supposed to be enjoyable and put you in a good mood. Indeed, this is what the Booty So Big Oh Lord Have Mercy does. So, make sure you take a listen and see if you like it.

What are the Trends That Go with This Song?

Of course, we know that this song is huge on TikTok. So, what are the trends or challenges that are associated with the Booty So Big Oh Lord Have Mercy song? Well, there are a few that you might want to join in with. One of them is where people are lip-syncing along with the song. In particular, they are making sure they annunciate every word and fill their mouth with air at the same time. This makes it humorous and it can be fun to watch different people do this trend.

Alternatively, people are showing their own bodies to this song. In other words, they are creating a thirst trap for others to watch. Of course, in particular, people are showing their booty so that it matches what the song is talking about. This is something that is done by mostly females on the app. But, males are having some fun with the trend too.

To Summarize

When you are scrolling on TikTok, you are going to come across a lot of different songs. But, the problem is, you do not always know the title. Instead, you are forced to remember some of the lyrics so that you can find that song later on if you want to add it to your playlist. For example, a lot of people like the ‘Booty So Big Oh Lord Have Mercy’ song and they find it funny and catchy. Let’s summarize everything you need to know about this tune.

First of all, let’s start with who sings the Booty So Big Oh Lord Have Mercy song. It is by an artist called Chloe Bailey and it is called ‘Have Mercy’ if you are trying to find the song to download it. People like how catchy the tune is and the funny lyrics.

Is there any meaning behind the song? Well, there are some that think it might be because Chloe Bailey has received some negative comments about her body in the past. So, this could be a song to show that it does not faze her.

When it comes to trends, people are trying to be humorous when it comes to the Booty So Big Oh Lord Have Mercy song. In other words, they are li-syncing along. In particular, people are seeing how much air they can take into their mouths and blowing it out in timing to the song. But, you can do almost anything you want with this tune. This could be a funny dance or even a thirst trap. Since the song is popular, it is likely that your video will get quite a lot of views. Just remember to have some fun when you are creating content for the TikTok app!

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