TikTok: ‘Can We Skip to the Good Part’ Song Lyrics Explained

TikTok: ‘Can We Skip to the Good Part’ Song Lyrics Explained

TikTok is a fabulous place for trends. You can discover new dances, comedy sketches and songs. In particular, soundtracks are used often on TikTok videos and they are catchy. You can want to learn more about them and what the trend is.

In particular, there is one song that people cannot seem to get out of their heads and it is all thanks to TikTok. We are talking about the ‘can we skip to the good part’ song. Have you heard this one on the TikTok app? It is part of a very popular trend and you might want to join in with it. So, let’s take a closer look.

Who Sings the ‘Can We Skip to the Good Part’ Song?

First of all, let’s learn a bit of information about the song incase you have not heard of it before. It is called ‘Can We Skip to the Good Part’ and it is by AJR. This is a band and they released this track back in 2017. The brothers form the band and their names are Adam, Jack and Ryan. Indeed, it is their initials that are used to create their band name.

Since the ‘Can We Skip to the Good Part’ song has gone viral on TikTok, it has attracted a lot of likes and views. For example, the hit has over 5.2 million views on YouTube. In addition, if you look at the #skiptothegoodpart, you will see that it has over 30 million views. There are over 264,000 videos using this song too. So, it is fair to say that people are loving this song and want to use it for their content.


my heart 💖

♬ The Good Part – AJR

Here are some of the lyrics that you are going to hear when you are on the TikTok app and looking at the videos

‘If you put this scene
On a movie screen
Is it called a happy end?
If the world gets me
Where I’m s’posed to be
Will I know I’ve made it, then?
It’s so hard
Can we skip to the good part?’

What is the TikTok Trend?

If you have not seen the trend with the ‘Can We Skip to the Good Part’ song before, you might be wondering what it is all about. Well, the idea of the trend is that you show a clip of something and how it gets better later on. For instance, this could be a gender reveal party and then cutting to the baby being born and part of the family. People are using the song in a variety of ways but the point is that the ending is going to be great no matter what the story is.

Do you have an idea for the ‘Can We Skip to the Good Part’ song? There are so many great videos out there that can give you inspiration. All of them are supposed to make you smile and show how far someone has come in their life. For example, this could be anything from someone losing weight to coming out to their family. The music goes really well with a joyous them and making progress.


He’s got me head over heels for him 🤍#123PandoraME #wedding #TakeTheDayOffChallenge #weddingtiktok #weddingdress

♬ The Good Part – AJR

How can I Join in with the ‘Can We Skip to the Good Part’ Trend?

Do you want to join in with this trend? This is definitely a popular one right now and this means that you might be able to get a lot of views and likes on your video. First of all, you need to think of a situation in your life that has progressed into something good. This could have been a hard time in your life that you have now overcome. Alternatively, it could be something sweet that you love. Either way, you want to try to find photos or videos of both times so that you can pair them together for the video.

Then, you will need to search for the ‘Can We Skip to the Good Part’ song on TikTok. This will be easy to find and it will provide the perfect music for your video. Then it is a case of merging the two clips together with the ‘Can We Skip to the Good Part’ song. You will be ready to upload and see how many views and likes you get. Do not forget to use the relevant hashtags and this is going to help new people find and watch your video.

To Summarize

Tiktok is where you are going to find all of the latest catchy tunes. There are so many included with challenges and trends that you are going to have a full playlist. There is a song that everyone is loving right now and we are referring to the ‘can we skip to the good part’ song. Let’s summarize what we have learned.

If you want to download this song, you are going to need to know who the ‘Can We Skip to the Good Part’ song was written and performed by. Well, this is a song by AJR, which is a band of three brothers. The song is not actually new and it was first released in 2017. But, thanks to TikTok, it has made a comeback and has become a hit. Everyone loves it since it has a feel-good rhythm.

On YouTube, this song has over 5.2 million views. In addition, this hit has over 30 million views from the hashtag. So, you know that everyone is talking about if and you need to listen to the song if you have not heard it already. In particular, people are using this tune when they are showing good memories or a glow-up in their life. They are showing huge progression and being happy about the situation. Indeed, you cannot help but smile when you hear this song and when it is paired with happy memories.

So, why not download the song or join in with the trend? This is a song you can have fun with and it will create some excitement for your content.

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