TikTok: Bud Light Meaning

TikTok: Bud Light Meaning

When it comes to social media and particularly TikTok, new words and phrases emerge. In fact, a lot of people are using well-known brands and names and giving them a new meaning. This can be a bit confusing sometimes and it means you have to learn what people are referring to. For example, the latest brand that this has happened to is Bud Light.

It appears that Bud Light started to take on a new meaning after the Superbowl. They are a well-known sponsor of the famous sporting event, as well as being a popular drink. But, it appears that when people talk about Bud Light on TikTok, they are actually referring to something else. So, let’s investigate what this means.

What Does Bud Light Mean?

So, what does Bud Light mean and where did this all start? Well, let’s start by investigating on TikTok. It appears that it all started with one video that went viral. Namely, he made a video to start what Bud Light meant. It has been viewed more than 4.4 million times since it was originally posted. This includes having over 500 thousand likes too. Indeed, this is a brand that is going to take on a new meaning moving forward. A lot of people found this video entertaining and want to use the new phrase when they are talking.

So, what did this video say about what Bud Light means? Well, you can watch the whole video yourself on TikTok if you find the user called @Trentokk. This video was posted on 30th January 2021. Essentially, this video explained that Bud Light was now an acronym. He said that it stood for; ‘bye you don’t like it go home then’. Thus, if someone does not like something but you are not sympathetic, you can just say to them bud light. This will mean that they either stay and put up with it or they simply go home.

Again, a lot of people liked this new meaning of Bud Light. It received millions of views and thousands of likes. In fact, since people liked his explanation so much, they have created a sound from the video. This is so that it can be reused by other people. If you want to find it or use it, it is called ‘original sound – Trentokk’. Users are finding it hilarious and clever at the same time.

What a lot of people liked about this video was that it did not feel staged. Instead, it was a hilarious response to a situation that happened at the time. In the video, there is a man that is holding a case of Bud Light. He is having a conversation with someone that is not featured on the video. It appears as if this person is complaining about the choice of beer he has brought. Then, he makes a joke of it and points to the letters that are on the case. he explains what Bud Light stands for. He says, ‘B***h. You. Don’t. Like. It. Go. Home. Then’. So, while he uses a swear word in the video, this has evolved to people saying ‘bye’ instead.

Bud Light has been a controversial beer before. A lot of people have argued that it is nothing compared to the original and it is simply a way to cheat when you are drinking. But, it has become popular around the world and this is why it was a huge sponsor at the Super Bowl this year. This acronym and new meaning has brought some hilarity and positivity to Bud Light and people are using it as a response all over social media.

To Summarize

Keeping up with trends on TikTok is difficult. In fact, sometimes it is like having a full time job! There are new words and phrases emerging all the time and you have to keep up if you want to get a lot from the app. In particular, one phrase that a lot of people have been wanting to know about is Bud Light. Of course, this is a well-known drink that people like and that is created by Budweiser. But, on TikTok, it has recently become apparent that Bud Light means something else. But, what could it mean? Let’s summarize what we have found out during our online investigations.

First of all, Bud Light came from a video on TikTok. It is one that has enjoyed over 4.4 milllion views and this includes over 500 thousand likes. This shows that a lot of people like how it was used and this is why you will see many people using the phrase on TikTok and even other social media platforms. In particular, the video was posted by @Trentokk. In the video, a man uses Bud Light as an acronym to describe what he thought.  In particular, he said that Bud Light meant ‘bye you don’t like it go home then’. Well, he actually used a swear word to start off the phrase. But, this has evolved to ‘bye’ so that it can be more internet and TikTok friendly. But, the sentiment remains the same. If you do not like something then you can leave.

People thought that this was a funny acronym and something that they could easily use in everyday life. While there has often being a lot of arguments and controversy of Bud Light when it comes to beer fans, this is something that is intended to be fun. So, now that you know the meaning behind the beer, you can use it and anyway you want to online!

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