TikTok: This is My Land Lyrics and Song Explained

TikTok: This is My Land Lyrics and Song Explained

New songs and trends are going around on TikTok all the time and half the fun is finding out what they mean and how you can join in. For example, a lot of songs are becoming extremely popular due to trends and challenges on TikTok.

One song that everybody is talking about right now is ‘This is My Land’. A lot of people want to know what this song means and how it is being used on TikTok. So, let’s dive into this trend and what it is all about on the app.

What is the ‘This is My Land’ Song?

First of all, it is important to realize that everybody is calling it the ‘This is My Land’ song. But, this is not actually the title of the original song. Instead, it is actually a song that is called ‘Welcome to My House’. In particular, the creators of this song are Nu Breed and Jesse Howard. It was first released back in December 2020. Indeed, when it made its way onto the TikTok app, everyone loved it. This meant that a lot of people looked it up on YouTube too. After just six months of being released, the video gained 25 million views. This is quite an achievement and something that not everyone can boast about.

When it comes to TikTok, the ‘This is My Land’ song keeps on growing. In particular, there are around 180,000 videos created that are using this sound. It has become a trend and it allows people to show off their friends and people that they love. In particular, it is about showing off ‘your people’, as well as where you live and ‘your land’. If you want to look at these videos, you are going to find them on the relevant hashtag. In particular, you can look up #thisismyland and #therearemypeople. You will see that they have a lot of views so far. We are talking about over 1.6 million and 7.2 million views.

What a lot of people love about the song is how inspiring and uplifting it can be. In particular, you can use it to show off everything and everyone you love in life. This could be your country and house or your family and friends. It is all about showing off something you love and how acknowledging how lucky and grateful you are to have them.

What are Some of the Lyrics to the Song?

A lot of people love the lyrics to the ‘This is My Land’ song. This is what makes it so popular on TikTok. So, let’s take a look at some of the lyrics so that you can better understand the song and whether you are going to like it.


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♬ Welcome to My House – Nu Breed & Jesse Howard

‘Ya’ll be comin’ in, now your backin’ out. It’s hard to talk big, with a shotgun in your mouth.
I’m glad you brought your friends, they can watch it go down,
I got mine too, so welcome to my house.
‘Cause these are my people. and this is my land. This is what we prayed for, and this is God’s plan.
And if you ain’t from here, then you won’t understand.
This is my country, yeah this is who I am, so Welcome to my house. Welcome to my house.

Imma stand up for mine, you better believe it. ‘Cause today won’t be your day,
I can guarantee it. You should turn and walk away and get to leavin’,
‘fore i let my 12-gauge do all my speakin’. Don’t push me on the edge, boy.
‘Cause I’m aimin’ at your head, boy. And all I see is red, boy. I told you not to cross that line.
I’m givin’ you a chance, boy. You see the Devil in a glance, boy.
Shotgun knock you out your pants, boy. I told you not to fuck with mine. Lord have mercy. Lord have mercy.’

To Summarize

Every day there are new songs that can be found on TikTok. This is one of the great things about the app; you can discover new music all the time. In particular, one song that a lot of people have been talking about after trending on the app is ‘this is My Land’. In this post, we have done some investigations that are going to save you time. So, let’s summarize what we have found out.

A lot of people refer to the song as being called ‘This is My Land’. But this is not the title of the song. You are going to have more luck when you look for ‘Welcome to My House’.  This is a song created by Nu Breed and Jesse Howard. This is a song that you can find on YouTube, as well as TikTok. It was first released in December 2020 and it has grown in popularity thanks to the app. In particular, the video has around 25 million views. Not a lot of artists can say that they have received this many views.

‘This is My Land’ has gained a lot of traction on the tikTok app. Indeed, if you are wanting to watch some of them, you are going to be pleased to know that there are over 180,000 videos so far that use the sound. So, as you can tell, a lot of people are enjoying this sound and creating content for it. You can find them under the relevant hashtags, such as #thisismyland and #therearemypeople.

So, what do people love about the ‘This is My Land’ content? Well, a lot of people are using it to show off the things they love in their lives. In particular, this can be family, friends and a partner. Alternatively, it can be things like their pets, vehicles or cars. The beauty of TikTok is that you can post whatever you want to. You can check out the sound on TikTok or YouTube to see if you like it and want to join in with the trend.

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