TikTok: Daylight Song Meaning

TikTok: Daylight Song Meaning

When it comes to making TikTok videos, you have two options. You can add your own original sound or you can choose a song to accompany your content. Of course, this is going to depend on what type of content you are creating. For example, if you are following a trend or challenge, you are going to use the associated sound in order to do this. This will make sure that you are doing it right and it will allow others to discover your video too.

For example, one sound that a lot of people are using right now is the ‘Daylight’ song. This might be something that sounds familiar to you but you do not know where it is from. Perhaps you have never heard it before and are wondering what it means. So, let’s take a closer look at the ‘Daylight’ song and how it is being used on TikTok.


Ian get a good nuff reaction😂 imma do it to another class next week#greenscreen #fyp #xyzbca #viral #trend #tiktok

♬ hey lol – khaleel

What is the ‘Daylight’ Song?

First of all, let’s figure out what the ‘Daylight’ song is and where it comes from. Indeed, people call it the ‘Daylight’ song, but this is not what the original song is called. It is actually from a song named ‘hey lol’. It was first brought to light by a creator on TikTok that is called @khaleel. Since then, it has become very popular and taken off on the app. In particular, there are over 170,000 videos that feature this sound.

The ‘Daylight’ song is actually a combination of two audios. You might recognize these two songs differently. For example, the first part of the sound has the opening tune that is often played on an X-rated and adult content website. This is famous and a lot of people might know it but not know where it is from! Then, there are parts of the ‘Daylight’ song that feature parts of ‘Redbone’, which is a song by Childish Gambino. The lyrics that everyone seems to remember are: ‘Daylight, wake up feeling like you won’t play right’.

What is the Trend on TikTok?

Now that you know what the ‘Daylight’ song is, it is time to explore what the trend is on TikTok. This way, you can decide if you want to join in with the trend or if you simply want to watch them. The concept of the TikTok trend is quite simple. The purpose is to play the ‘Daylight’ song in front of someone, whether it is a partner, family or friends. The purpose is to see if they recognize the sound and know where the tune is from.

Of course, the purpose of the ‘Daylight’ song trend is supposed to be funny. You are supposed to capture the person’s reaction and see what they think. You will have to do this video subtly. In particular, you will not want the other person to know you are filming or they are going to know that something is happening. So, you have to hold your camera up subtly so that they do not see what you are doing. Then, you can play the sound and record their reaction.


the chocolate was nice #fyp

♬ hey lol – khaleel

Therefore, if your friend or family member recognizes the sound that is playing, this means that they have probably visited this famous X-rated website.  When they realize that they have been caught out, they are going to either find this funny or embarrassing. But, the best part is that you are going to have it all caught on camera. If you upload your video to TikTok, there is a chance that it will get a lot of views. For example, there are some videos out there that have over 3 million views.

To Summarize

There are a lot of songs used on TikTok and when you hear one that you like, you want to know more about it. But, there are also some songs out there that are created to make you laugh. This has been the case with the ‘Daylight’ song that has appeared on the app. Let’s summarize what we have learned in this post so that you can get a rundown on what this song means.

So, to begin with, the ‘Daylight’ song is not actually what it is called. So, if you try to search for this, it might not come up. Instead, you should be searching for a song that is called ‘hey lol’. This is by @khaleel and it has become popular because people like the videos it is being used in. Indeed, there are over 170,000 videos you can watch.


he did that so fast🤔 #nathanandgrace #relationship

♬ hey lol – khaleel

The ‘Daylight’ song combines two audios. First of all, it has a tune that is often played on an adult content website. Then, it also combines the song called ‘Redbone’, which is by Childish Gambino. The reason that a lot of people refer to this sound as the ‘Daylight’ sound is because of the lyrics. In particular; ‘Daylight, wake up feeling like you won’t play right’.

The purpose behind using the ‘Daylight’ song is to create a funny video for TikTok. Namely, people are playing the audio to see if they can get some kind of reason for another person, whether this is a family member, friend, partner or colleague. In particular, people want to see if they are going to recognize the first part of the sound, which is featured on a popular X-rated website. If the video is funny, they are going to upload it to TikTok. A lot of people like to watch this type of video.

Are you going to create a video using the ‘Daylight’ song? You could have the next viral video on the app!

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