TikTok: English Translation of Jugaste Y Sufrí Lyrics by Eslabon Armado

TikTok: English Translation of Jugaste Y Sufrí Lyrics by Eslabon Armado

When you are scrolling on TikTok, you are bound to come across new songs. Some of them are going to be more memorable than others. For example, there can be catchy tunes and songs that are high-energy, as well as those that are relaxing and sweet. Sometimes, there are even songs in different languages that you like but do not know what the lyrics mean.

For example, many people like Jugaste Y Sufrí by Eslabon Armado. But, they do not speak the language, which means they cannot understand the lyrics. If you come across this song, you might be wondering what they mean too. So, here is a guide that is going to help you.

What is the Jugaste Y Sufrí Song?

First of all, if you have never heard of Jugaste Y Sufrí before, this is a song that is by Eslabon Armado, as well as featuring DannyLux. The song was first released back in 2021, but it recently became popular again because of TikTok. There are many people that think it is a nice but sad song at the same time, with most people not understanding the lyrics since they are in Spanish. On YouTube, it has over 136 million views, which shows just how popular this song has become.

There are many videos you can discover using this sound on TikTok. They have different types of content you can enjoy, with some having sweet but sad moments. You can easily search for the song in the hashtags, which will bring up all of the videos. For example, there are around 150,000 videos with this sound currently on the platform. Some videos include showing the boxer, Prichard Colon. You can explore the sound and see what videos you like and this might inspire you to use the song too for your own video.

What are the Lyrics to Jugaste Y Sufrí in English?

If you are not familiar with this language, do not worry. Instead of having to take lessons or trying to translate the song yourself, we have done it for you. Here are the lyrics in English so that you can understand them and enjoy the song more.

TikTok: English Translation of Jugaste Y Sufrí Lyrics by Eslabon Armado

‘I’m not mad at you anymore
I just watch and think
Disappointed me

And I get further away from you
Because I no longer want to suffer anymore
I want to be happy

Your love is poison and more
And I feel a pain, in my soul
But with calm

I open my phone
And see you were with another
How I feel

I call you to confirm
But you don’t want to answer
You kill me

I don’t know what was the reason
If I was giving you, all of my love
I’m destroyed

I had faith in you
But you played and i suffered
Im actually doing bad

I never lied to you
You were my whole world
And the truth is
You left me at zero

All of my love and my being
I gave you everything, why?

My heart isn’t the same anymore
A wound that is fatal
I will not love again

I cry when it rainsCause when i do, no one can hear me
I drown in my tears

I don’t feel better
But the body gets used to it
With a bottle or with two, with that i forget you

And now i say good bye
I wasted my time with you
I see a future
But its not you and me

All my love and my being
I gave you everything, why?’

Now that you know the lyrics in English, you can understand what the song is about. In particular, this is about a relationship that has ended and how he is struggling to cope afterwards. It is sad and shows that he cares, but now that he must move on

To Summarize

In recent years, there have been more songs hitting the charts that are not in English. People are learning to appreciate other languages and are simply enjoying the music more than they have ever done before. In particular, this is something that has with Jugaste Y Sufrí by Eslabon Armado. It is a song in Spanish and it has become a bit hit on TikTok. Let’s take a closer look at what we have learned in this guide.

The Jugaste Y Sufrí song is by Eslabon Armado and features DannyLux. It was released in 2021 and thanks to TikTok, people from all around the world are enjoying listening to it again. In particular, they are saying that it is a sad but soothing song they can listen to. The lyrics are in Spanish, but you are able to appreciate the song without knowing this language. In particular, the video has over 136 million views on YouTube.

There is not one trend that is associated with Jugaste Y Sufrí by Eslabon Armado. Instead, you are going to enjoy a bunch of different videos. As you can tell from the lyrics, there is some sad language that is used. It talks about love that has gone wrong and how the person is hurting from this relationship. So, if you are going to make a video using this song, you should make sure that you know the lyrics in English first. This is going to ensure that you do not use the music in the wrong way.

Therefore, you now know all about the Jugaste Y Sufrí song is by Eslabon Armado. You will understand that it is a sad song but a previous relationship that has now ended. Indeed, it is popular on TikTok after making a comeback. You are going to have some freedom to create whatever type of content you want with this music. But, be aware that it should have a sad undertone if you want it to fit the tune. After all, the lyrics are in Spanish and you want to make it seem like you know what they mean.

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