TikTok: ‘Es Hora de Comer’ Meaning Explained

TikTok: ‘Es Hora de Comer’ Meaning Explained

TikTok is a place where a lot of trends are born, which can include using different sounds, phrases and actions. In particular, you can hear a lot of lyrics and phrases and not know what they mean. Perhaps you do not want to know where they came from or what they translate to in English. But, for a lot of people, the interest is there. In particular, it can be beneficial to find out what words and phrases mean before you use them. This is going to save a lot of embarrassment later on.

For example, you might see ‘es hora de comer’ said a lot on the TikTok app. If you are not a native Spanish speaker, you might not be familiar with what this means. So, let’s dive into it and find out.

What Does ‘es hora de comer’ Mean?

First of all, let’s translate ‘es hora de comer’ and find out what it means in English. It is a Spanish phrase and when it is translated to English, it simply means, ‘it is time to eat’. This is the answer you are going to get if you speak to someone that is Spanish, as well as if you translate it online. Therefore, if it is time for dinner, you are going to say, ‘es hora de comer’.

The phrase started to take off on Tiktok when it was used on an account called @spanishforeveryday. The person that owners this account is known for being a Spanish teacher. In real life, his name is Nibaldo Calvo Buides. He is Cuban-American who is living in Kentucky, United States.


es hora de comer

♬ original sound – Spanish for Everyday

Who is Nibaldo Calvo Buides?

Of course, we know that Nibaldo Calvo Buides is a teacher and the purpose of his videos on TikTok were to help others learn Spanish. In particular, he was sharing words and phrases that people would be able to use in their everyday life and would be helpful. After all, people always say in school that you do not learn the real phrases that you would actually use when talking to people that speak Spanish.

However, despite the Spanish teacher’s best intentions, people have not always been using his videos and content in an educational way. In particular, this is something that has happened with his ‘es hora de comer’ video. People are saying that some of his videos are funny and creepy at the same time. In particular, he attacks the food he is eating, whether it is a sandwich, pizza or burger.

It is likely that he made his videos like this in order to be amusing and stand out from the crowd. Indeed, it is maybe a good way to remember the phrase he is trying to teach everyone. But, what people are doing is using this sound for their own content. They are making jokes about it and the video and ‘es hora de comer’ phrase has turned into a meme. People are using their own examples of its time to eat that they think are funny.

Indeed, using this sound is a trend that is very popular this year. If you look up the ‘es hora de comer’ hashtag, you can see that it has over 28 million views. This is a lot and it means that people in different countries are viewing these videos. Now that you know what ‘es hora de comer’ means, you might want to join in if you think that the videos are amusing. Certainly, they are getting views if that is what you are looking for on the app.


#fyp #funny #eshoradecomer speaks for itself.

♬ original sound – Spanish for Everyday

To Summarize

TikTok trends happen all the time and the latest one has been the ‘es hora de comer’ meme. Hopefully, after reading this article, you have a better understanding of what this phrase means and why people are using it. Indeed, you might find it amusing and want to join in with the trend.

To summarize, ‘es hora de comer’ is a Spanish phrase that native speakers are going to be familiar with. In particular, it means ‘it is time to eat’. Often, it is used in everyday language and used around meal times. But, it has evolved thanks to TikTok. In particular, we are talking about the account called @spanishforeveryday. This is a TikTok account that is run by Nibaldo Calvo Buides. He is actually a Spanish teacher, being a Cuban-American that is currently living in Kentucky, United States.

The reason Nibaldo Calvo Buides first made these videos was presumably to teach people more Spanish. After all, he is a teacher and probably wanted to use TikTok as a platform for learning. Since you can make videos, this is a good way to learn. But, people started to turn his ‘es hora de comer’ video into a meme. This is because he tried to make his videos humorous. A lot of people found them strange. This started the ‘es hora de comer’ trend, with the hashtag having over 28 million views now.

One thing’s for sure, a lot of people now know what ‘es hora de comer’ means. This is all down to Nibaldo Calvo Buides. Perhaps, this was not his original intention and his videos were there for teaching. But, through making his videos unique, it means that more people are going to remember it. So, you could say that his intention was a success. A lot of people now know how to say it is time to eat in Spanish!

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