TikTok: ‘Owa Owa’ Meaning Explained

TikTok: ‘Owa Owa’ Meaning Explained

Sometimes, it is hard to keep up with all of the new words and phrases coming out of TikTok. You learn one new phrase and then a new one appears! There are some that are self-explanatory while others need a little bit more work to figure out what they mean. After all, you do not want to start using a new word or phrase if you are using it wrongly. That could be embarrassing!

For example, have you seen videos lately of people saying ‘owa owa’? This one might be confusing you. So, let’s get started and figure out what ‘owa owa’ means on TikTok. 

What Does ‘Owa Owa’ Mean?

First of all, you need to know what ‘owa owa’ means so that you can understand the content it is include in. In addition, it is going to allow you to start making videos with ‘owa owa’ in it too. So, it might be surprising to hear that ‘owa owa’ is not actually a phrase you can use in a sentence. Instead, it is meant to be a sound. Namely, it is supposed to be a dog barking.

Are you wondering where ‘owa owa’ started? Well, it actually did originate on TikTok. In particular, it came from a video where Pudgy barked and this sound went into his owner’s earphone microphone. Of course, it was not a bark that you would have expected and instead, it sounded like ‘owa owa’. This was cute and funny and a lot of people saw the video. Thus, this is how this trend of using ‘owa owa’ began.

How Are People Using ‘Owa Owa’?  

Now that you know what ‘owa owa’ means, you probably want to know how people are using this sound. Well, a lot of people have seen the original video and are using ‘owa owa’ on Instagram and TikTok. This can be for a huge number of reasons. But, it is mainly used when someone has seen a cute dog or is making a post about their furry friend.

But, the ‘owa owa’ meme has also developed. For example, if there has been a big achievement and there would normally be a round of applause, people are now saying; ‘can I get an ‘owa owa’’? So, people are using it in a number of ways. When you know the origin of ‘owa owa’ and that it is a sound, it is a lot easier to understand.

In addition, since people are making good assumptions about ‘owa owa’, it also means that people are using it in another way. Namely, if they do not like something and it is not cool, they say that it is not ‘owa owa’.

Who is Pudgy?

If you like the ‘owa owa’ meme, you may be wondering who Pudgy is. Well, he has become a very popular dog and he has a lot of followers. We are talking about over 9.7 million followers on Instagram! There are many reasons for this. For example, he is a very cute dog and a lot of people enjoy watching his content and viewing photos. He is also verified on TikTok and this means that he also posts regular content on there for everyone to enjoy.

But, another reason why Pudgy is so popular is that he is all about spreading positivity. People love the great energy they get from the accounts and this is not something that everyone can do. In addition, he posts content about meditation, as well as recognizing his fans. His owner, who is called Malachy, just wants to spread love, joy and positivity.


#Pudgywoke #Foryoupage #Foryou #Fyp


So, ‘owa owa’ was started by Pudgy. But, a lot of other dogs have learned from this trend and are enjoying it too. Indeed, love watching dog videos and the ‘owa owa’ meme has made it even better for them. This small Chihuahua has made a big impact on the world!

To Summarize

Do you like to know what all of the latest words and phrases that are used on TikTok? This can enhance your experience on the app and make it more fun. It also means that you can use the phrases with confidence and join in all of the latest trends. In particular, you have probably seen ‘owa owa’ going around on the app. This post has hopefully allowed you to gain a better understand of what it means and the ways you can use it moving forward. But, let’s recap just in case you want an overview of the information.

You may be surprised to know that ‘owa owa’ is not used as a phrase with a meaning most of the time. In fact, it started as a sound. The purpose of ‘owa owa’ was to sound like a dog barking. So, if you go on the TikTok app, you can see a lot of people are saying ‘owa owa’ to their dog to see if they will bark back at them. Some of the videos are funny and this has led it to be a trend. The hashtag has millions of views as people keep posting videos like this as they know it is popular.

The ‘owa owa’ trend all started with a small Chihuahua called Pudgy. His owner allowed him to bark into the microphone on his headphones and this is like the sound that came out. It was his version of a bark. Of course, lots of people found this adorable and funny and this is how the trend began.

Indeed, Pudgy has become an internet sensation. Not only did he start the ‘owa owa’ trend, but he also posts a lot of good content that people enjoy. This is why he has millions of followers on Instagram, as well as a strong following on TikTok. This includes content that can be useful, as well as motivational. His accounts are all about spreading happiness and good vibes.

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