TikTok ‘Ford Ranger’ Trend Explained

TikTok ‘Ford Ranger’ Trend Explained

Are you a big fan of automotives? Then there is definitely going to be one trend that is getting you curious on TikTok. You might have seen a lot of people taking about Ford Rangers, which is a type of pickup truck. What is everyone using this as a hashtag on TikTok and what is the trend all about? Well, let’s take a closer look so that you can appreciate the content or join in with the trend on TikTok.

What is the Ford Ranger Trend?

There are so many different trends you are going to find on the TikTok app. Some of them have been around for years while others are quick and short-lasting. But, there is one that is gathering momentum and you have probably noticed it going around. We are talking about the Ford Ranger trend. This is a hashtag of its own and you will see that it has had over 110 million views.


FUCKEN FORD RANGER #fordranger #ford #ranger #yee #yeehaw

♬ original sound – ImYo Sancho

So, what is it all about? Well, to answer this question, we need to start with where it all began. It started with just one content creator and their name was @imyosancho. He posted a video back on 4th January 2021 and started this trend you are hearing about. Namely, this video was popular and gained a lot of likes. But, it might not be what you are expecting.

The video by @imyosancho featured different Ford Ranger trucks. He would spot them and zoom into them with his camera. At the same time, he would yell ‘Ford Ranger, Ford F**king Ranger.’ He uploaded many videos like this and people started to like them. They found them amusing and it was something that went viral and became catchy. For instance, his part 3 video boasts over 3.6 million views. In his other videos, he starts to make fun of other cars and scenarios, making them all about the Ford Ranger. He even made a song about this pickup truck that people started to use on their own content.


FUCKEN FORD RANGER PART 3 #fordranger #ford #ranger #yee #yeehaw #sonofagun

♬ original sound – ImYo Sancho

Why Do People Like the Ford Ranger Videos?

Something that TikTok is great for is finding funny videos. In particular, anybody can create them and have an opportunity to share their sense of humor. Indeed, you can find people that find the same things funny as you. You can become an internet sensation overnight and go viral. You even have the opportunity to make money from the app.

So, why do people love the Ford Ranger videos so much? Probably because there is nothing else like it on the internet. It is quite funny to watch the content and particularly because the user is picking on Ford Ranger trucks. That is the great thing about TikTok, there is just so much amusing stuff on this app.

There are also people that are copying the Ford Ranger videos. In other words, they are using his sound when they see this type of truck. There are even users that are creating their own content and choosing other vehicles instead. This is something that people find amusing and fun to do.

What are the Most Popular Cars in the United States?

Are you wondering what the most popular vehicles are to drive in the United States? Well, there are quite a few that you are going to see on the road often. Let’s take a look at them in turn.

First of all, there is the Ford F-150. This is a truck that has been the best-selling in the country for over 40 years. You are going to see these everywhere you turn. A lot of people use them for working and country living while others just love how they look and have the height on the road.


This audio is why I have TikTok 😂#fordranger #trucktok #fypシ @imyosancho

♬ original sound – ImYo Sancho

The net most popular vehicle is the Chevrolet Silverado. Again, this is a pickup truck and people love them. The RAM 1500 is another pickup truck that is popular, which has been rated for its comfort, as well as its functionality.

So, is there anything else on this list that is not a pickup truck? The answer is yes. Next, it is the Toyota RAV4. This is an SUV that is popular with families, as well as those that like to go on road trips. The Honda CR-V also makes the list.

To Summarize

When you go on TikTok, you are going to find a lot of amusing videos. Since everyone has the opportunity to create and share content, videos can go viral of almost anything. This is what happened with the Ford Ranger video. Let’s summarize what we have learned today about this video and how you can join in with the trend.

There are a lot of popular cars in the United States. In particular, people like pickup trucks. The Ford Ranger is a very popular vehicle and this is one of the reasons why this trend was funny and relatable. Indeed, the hashtag has over 110 million views. It all started with @imyosancho. He created a video about Ford Rangers back in 2021 and before he knew it, he went viral.

The video we are talking about is when he is out driving. Every time he sees a Ford Ranger, he yells, ‘Ford Ranger, Ford F**king Ranger.’ He also zooms in on the car. This was something that people found hilarious as it was uncalled for. His videos have millions of views. Certainly, he was able to spot a lot of Ford Ranger trucks when he was traveling about town.

A lot of people are using his sounds for their own videos. They go out and spot Ford Rangers too. Then, there are people that are copying this idea and making fun of other vehicles they find on the road. It is all in good humor and this is also something that you could do. So, check out his videos and see if you find them funny. You might want to create your own content based on these videos using the sound or something completely new.

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