TikTok: ‘Go Little Rockstar’ Explained and Lyrics

TikTok: ‘Go Little Rockstar’ Explained and Lyrics

If you are a music artist, you want to make sure your tunes are on TikTok. It does not take them long to go viral and if you have a song associated with a trend, you know that it is going to reach millions of people.

For example, if you are always on TikTok, you have probably heard ‘Go Little Rockstar’. It is a catchy soundbite and it does have a particular trend that goes with it. But, if you are not sure what it is, do not worry. We have created a guide to help you so you can join in. Let’s take a closer look at ‘Go Little Rockstar’.

What is the Go Little Rockstar Sound?

First of all, in case you have not heard the sound before, let’s take about Go Little Rockstar. In fact, a lot of people are surprised to learn that this is not actually the official name of the song. It is actually ‘Pope is a Rockstar’. It is by a band called Sales. They are from Florida and are classed as an indie-pop band. The song was released back in 2016, but it has now gained popularity again thanks to TikTok. This song is based on a rocky relationship. One of the people is tired of fighting and they decide to be the bigger person and walk away.

So, why are people calling it the Go Little Rockstar song? Well, these are the lyrics that a lot of people think they hear when they listen to it. But, there is no point in the song where this is actually sung. Instead, it appears that people are mishearing the song when it says, ‘Pope is a Rockstar’.

TikTok: ‘Go Little Rockstar’ Explained and Lyrics

What are the Real Lyrics?

Since everybody misunderstands the song, it is important to look at the real lyrics. This is going to save a lot of embarrassment later on. So, let’s take a closer look.

‘Now he wants to start talking
“Go ahead, ” when I’m walking
Face the lie that I’m hawking
“No, don’t wanna, won’t happen”

Pope is a rockstar
You take your clothes off
Heading for the last fight
Before our worlds part

We can wait forever for the world to untrack
We can wait forever for the worthwhile track

And oh, you want to start talking
Fall together, I’m walking
Face the lie that I’m hawking
We can always fight

You can be the highlight
Pope is a rockstar
Hoping on a late night

How you wanna start talking?
How you wanna start walking?
We can make a landslide, dive-in
We can let it all go, cave-in

You wanna start talking

You know what I’m walking

Hoping and a-hoping that I won’t cry
Hoping and a-hoping that I won’t try’

What is the TikTok Trend With ‘Go Little Rockstar’?

If you have not seen Go Little Rockstar on TikTok before, you might be wondering what the trend or challenge is that uses the sound. After all, it can be fun to join in with these trends and create your own videos.

Well, Go Little Rockstar is all about celebration. In particular, it is celebrating something that someone else has done well. For example, imagine you have a video of your friend graduating and accepting their degree. This is going to be an appropriate sound to use over this video on TikTok.

Another trend we are seeing is people posting videos of someone that has passed away. It can be a way of remembering them. So, if you want to celebrate the life of a loved one that has passed away, this might be how you want to do it.

In addition, you will find the Go Little Rockstar sound on videos to do with animals. It is a cute sound to use with small fluffy things, as well as when they do something good. So, this is another trend you can try out for yourself if you have pets.

To Summarize

Sounds become huge on TikTok. This is particularly true when it comes to music. You can post a song on TikTok and start a whole trend. This is the beauty of the app and it can make you go viral overnight. In particular, songs can come back from the past and people can appreciate them in a whole new way. This is something that has happened with ‘Pope is a Rockstar.’ Let’s summarize what we have covered on this song and the TikTok trend.

When you are listening to a song, it is easy to mistake what the lyrics are. Indeed, this is something that has happened with ‘Pope is a Rockstar.’ This is the official name of the song, which was sung by sales. It was first released in 2016 and it is a song that has gained popularity again thanks to the TikTok app. But, it is funny because many people do not think that these are the lyrics or the name of the song. Instead, they think it is ‘Go Little Rockstar.’

Of course, when you hear the song for the first time yourself, it is not difficult to see why people have come to this conclusion. It is easy to hear these lyrics for yourself. But, the song is actually about walking away from a back relationship.

The trends that have been happening in TikTok to do with this song is based on the fact that people hear different lyrics. For example, they are about celebrations and being proud of something else. So, for example, there are many people using this sound for happy moments in their lives and for wholesome memories. This can be of a friend, family member or partner. It can even be if their pet does something cute or they are remembering a pet they have had in the past that is close to their heart.

If you are going to join in with the trend, you can just pay attention to the ‘Go Little Rockstar.’ This way, your content can be wholesome.

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