TikTok: ‘I Like to be F Like a Sl’ Dance Explained

TikTok- ‘I Like to be F Like a Sl’ Dance Explained
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One of the things that people love about TikTok is that there are a lot of dance trends you can enjoy. This is something that is fun to try yourself and make it into content. It also can be entertaining to watch others try out the dance moves. But, one thing’s for sure, trends come and go. So, you have to learn them fast if you want to keep up.

For example, one dance that a lot of users are loving right now is the challenge called ‘I Like to be F Like a Sl’. As you can guess, we have had to miss out from words in this trend since they are explicit. Indeed, the dance is too. But, let’s dive into what this latest trend is so that you can understand and join in.

What is the ‘I Like to be F Like a Sl’ Dance?

If there is one thing that TikTok is becoming known for, it is risky and sexual trends. First, there was the small waist challenge. Then there was the ‘Buss It’ challenge. Now, you can check out the ‘I Like to be F Like a Sl’ dance. So, what is this trend? Well, this one involves doing a dance and the explicit lyrics play, which you can hear ‘I Like to be F Like a Sl’. This is from a song that is called ‘Throat Baby (Go Baby) – Remix’. This is a rap song by a woman. Of course, this is a remix for TikTok and the original song is actually by BRS Kash. This song is called ‘Throat Baby’. If you hear the remix and then the original, there is quite a difference in their sound. In fact, you might not have realized they were the same song.

Thus, if you find this trend on TikTok, you are going to find some quite sexual content. But, people have realized how risky the lyrics are and there are users trying to make their content funny. So, they have changed the words to ‘I Like to be F Like a Slug’ in order to make people laugh. In addition, people are exaggerating the content in order to make it funny. So, there is a real mixture of content on the app right now and this is what makes it fun to explore.

Another trend that has happened is one person is doing the suggestive ‘I Like to be F Like a Sl’ dance. Then, they take a friend or a partner and do the dance in front of them for the first time. The point of this is to record their reaction and it can be funny for TikTok. This is something that a lot of couples are trying and they are getting a lot of views and likes on their videos.

Should I Join in the ‘I Like to be F Like a Sl’ Dance? 

After seeing the ‘I Like to be F Like a Sl’ dance, a lot of people are not sure whether they want to join in with the trend or not. Ultimately, you are the only one that is going to be able to answer this question. There is no doubt that the ‘I Like to be F Like a Sl’ dance is a bit of a controversial trend. For some people, it is going to be something fun that they can join in with on TikTok. It is likely to get you views, as well as likes.

However, for others, the ‘I Like to be F Like a Sl’ dance is going to be a trend that is too raunchy. The most important thing to remember is that creating content on TikTok is supposed to be fun. In other words, you should enjoy the content you are creating. You should not feel pressured into making content because everyone else is. So, if you are going to do the ‘I Like to be F Like a Sl’ dance, ensure you feel comfortable and want to do it. You should also be prepared that some people are going to have an opinion on how you do the dance. There can be good comments and there can be bad.

To Summarize

There are a lot of dance trends on TikTok and they were one of the original challenges on the app. Indeed, there are still many going around and it is something that you can have fun with and to discover new moves. One that a lot of people have been asking about recently is the I Like to be F Like a Sl’. This is something that is seen as a raunchy dance but it could be fun depending on the type of content you want to make. Let’s summarize what we have covered in this post.

So, what is the ‘I Like to be F Like a Sl’ dance? Well, it is a controversial one and the sound used for this trend is ‘Throat Baby (Go Baby) – Remix’. This is a female rap song that a lot of people like. Be aware if you look up the ‘I Like to be F Like a Sl’ dance, you are going to find sexual content. This is what a lot of people find fun about this trend. But, some people have also adapted the content in order to make it funny for their audience. For example, some people are changing the lyrics to ‘I Like to be F Like a Slug’. Indeed, there is also some funny content you can find on the app. This might be what you prefer to watch. The great thing about TikTok is that you can make any content you want to.

Therefore, now that you know what the ‘I Like to be F Like a Sl’ dance is, you can decide if this is the content you want to join in with. It can be fun to join in with trends. But, equally, you do not have to feel obligated to join in if you do not want to.

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