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It is fair to say that there are a lot of strange trends going around on TikTok. A lot of them are brand new and have never seen before. It is definitely hard to keep up! For example, one of the latest trends that people are doing Is Ice in My Veins. Do you know what this is? Perhaps you will have seen this action in a lot of videos on TikTok and not realize that it is Ice in My Veins. But, let’s take a moment to figure out what this trend is and why everyone is doing it right now on the social app.

What is the Ice in My Veins Trend?

So, let’s start with the obvious question that everyone wants to know the answer to. What is the Ice in My Veins trend all about? Well, this is an action that a lot of people are doing in their videos. Simply, it involves people pointing at the veins in their arms. This is done with the index and middle finger. So, imagine that someone was about to take their pulse from their arm. A lot of people choose to make a funny face when they do this too. The video will also contain text about a person, but the Ice in My Veins pose can be used in a variety of situations. You are going to see it a lot now and be able to recognize it.


#stitch with @ariane_dk 🧊🧊 ice in my veins #IceInMyVeins #MillenialsOfTikTok #over30 #SocialMediaAgency

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What Does Ice in My Veins Really Mean?

Now that you know what the Ice in My Veins pose looks like, you are probably thinking; what on earth does it mean and why are people doing it? Well, it actually comes from basketball. There have been quite a few NBA players, as well as other sportsmen, that use the phrase when they are playing. It means that they are cold-blooded. In other words, they are able to deal with pressure and they are able to keep cool. For example, this could be in the last minutes of a game or during a tense moment in the match. In particular, it was a player called D’Angelo Russell that started this trend. He used to play for Los Angeles Lakers and was seen doing this post. He scored and wanted to show the ice in his veins.

Of course, people were very quick to catch onto this. The post became mainstream. Like a lot of big trends, it was not long before this Ice in My Veins pose came to TikTok. Thus, this trend has really taken off and a lot of people now know about it. While they might not know where it originally came from, they certainly know what the Ice in My Veins post means now.

When people make the Ice in My Veins pose, it can have a variety of meanings. For example, some people do it in a situation where they want to look cool. Others will do the Ice in My Veins pose when they are being truthful. Now that you know what the Ice in My Veins trend is, you are going to be able to work it out from the situation.


“Ice in my Veins” #mikelikesike #foryou #fyp #nba #viral #foryoupage #fy #xyzbca #virall #coming2america

♬ Use my sound if u like it – Melio

If you look up the Ice in My Veins hashtag on TikTok, you will see that it has lot of views. In particular, there are over 11.5 million views on the hashtag. There is a lot of content you can watch to understand the trend, as well as to get inspiration for content.

To Summarize

When you are scrolling through the videos on TikTok, you often come across new trends and content to watch. This is often how you discover new challenges, words and signs. In particular, something that you might have come across recently is Ice in My Veins. This is the latest move that everyone is doing in their videos. But, nobody wants to explain what it means. Instead, you are left guessing. Indeed, a lot of people do not know what Ice in My Veins is and what the move signifies. Hopefully, after reading this article, you have a better idea of what Ice in My Veins is. Let’s summarized what we have learned.


True story #baseball #sports #iceinmyveins

♬ Hayloft – Mother Mother

What is the Ice in My Veins trend? Well, this is when you take your arm and point to the veins on the forearm. It is a similar action you would do if you are trying to take your pulse. Often, it is done with the index and middle finger. People are also known to make a silly face with the Ice in My Veins trend. But, you do not just make the Ice in My Veins move whenever you want. Often, it is done in situations about yourself.

The trend all started when D’Angelo Russell make a similar move when he was playing basketball. He used to play for Los Angeles Lakers and would do the Ice in My Veins move when he scored. Since then, it has been a move that has taken off on TikTok. People want to show they are cool too and that they are ‘cold-blooded’. It can also be used in situations where you are being your authentic self and being truthful.  If you are in doubt over how popular the Ice in My Veins move is, you will see that it has over 11.5 million views on the TikTok app. This means that there is a lot of content worth watching. This might be something you want to do. Plus, it can give you a better understanding of how you can use it in your videos.

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