TikTok: Is It Bussin’ Janelle Explained

TikTok: Is It Bussin’ Janelle Explained
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There is a lot of funny content on TikTok. You can scroll for hours and watch a lot of videos. In fact, people are losing sleep and hours in the day from watching videos on the app! But, there can be some content that is trending that you do not understand. In particular, people can use words and phrases that you have not heard about before.


For example, one of the latest trends that is causing confusion is people saying, ‘is it bussin’ Janelle?’ Of course, this sounds like you are addressing someone. But, there are many people that use the app that do not know what ‘bussin’ means. So, let’s start investigating and get to the bottom of this trend.

What Does ‘Bussin’ Mean?
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First of all, the big question that a lot of people are going to have is; what does ‘bussin’ mean? This is not a word that has been around for a long time and there is often no context in videos that can mean you can figure it out. Well, from what we can gather from the internet, ‘bussin’ is a word you are going to use if you like something and you think that it is good. So, it is a slang word for ‘very good’. A lot of people are using it on social media platforms and you are definitely going to see it on TikTok. Therefore, if you went to a restaurant and you liked your meal, you are going to say, ‘that meal was bussin’.


What Does ‘Is It Bussin’ Janelle’ Mean?

Now that you know what ‘bussin’ means, this is going to make a lot more sense. Indeed, people are asking Janelle if she likes something. But, you are now probably asking; who is Janelle that everybody is talking about? Well, let’s get into this one on TikTok.


I’m so confused? Bussin?? #bussin #keto

♬ Buss It – Erica Banks

There is a content creator on TikTok known as Janelle Rohner. She is very popular on the app and has around 3.4 million followers. This makes her a big creator and the chances are, you have seen some of her videos without realizing it. She is from San Diego, California and she is currently 33 years old. If you are into fitness and diet, you may be interested in her videos. She posts a lot of content about the keto diet and her experience. She shared low-carb recipes you can use, as well as talking about her fitness plan. Despite her extensive knowledge on these topics, she is actually a nurse and has a family. One video in particular that made her famous was her eating bell peppers.


When the ‘bussin’’ trend began, Janelle was as confused as the rest of us. She did not know what this word meant. So, she posted a video and asked her followers what this word was and how to use it. Of course, people could have answered it and made her life easy. But, a lot of people thought that they had a sense of humor and instead, they kept saying ‘is it bussin’ Janelle’. This way, it was going to confuse her even more and she would not know what it meant. After a while, she did find the meaning of ‘bussin’’. So, she posted her own video and said: ‘to answer your question, yeah it’s bussin’’.

To Summarize

There are a lot of new words and phrases that you are going to learn by using TikTok and watching trending videos. Some of them are easy to get what they mean and you can easily start to use them in your everyday conversations. But, there are other words that you cannot really guess or know what they mean. Instead, you have to do some investigation. One of these phrases is ‘is it bussin’ Janelle’. This has been a phrase that a lot of people have been saying recently. Looking at it, it does not make a lot of sense. So, let’s summarize what we have learned today.


Snackin….and the answer to the most asked question… video inspo: @_ms_frost_ #keto #bussin #mukbang #foodtiktok

♬ Buss It – Erica Banks


Essentially, bussin’ means that something is very good and it is a word you use to explain that you like something. So, you can say that the game you are playing is bussin’ or the event you want to last night was bussin’. The purpose is to portray that you thought something was great and that you would do it again. A lot of people are using this word on TikTok to say that they like something or a video they have just watched. So, you will find it in the comment section a lot.

Then there is the phrase, ‘is it bussin’ Janelle’. Now that you know what bussin’ means, this is going to be easier to work out. Essentially, it means do you like it, Janelle. Of course, everyone might be confused at who Janelle is. She is a content creator that you are going to find on TikTok. She is called Janelle Rohner. With over 3.4 million followers on the app, she is very popular and you are going to like her content if you like to learn about the keto diet and fitness. She was like many people and confused about what bussin’ meant. So, she asked her followers and instead of giving her an easy answer, fans kept saying ‘is it bussin’ Janelle’. Eventually, she is worked out what this means.

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