TikTok: How to Remove Red Light Filter?

TikTok: How to Remove Red Light Filter?

Do you like to keep up and try out the latest TikTok challenges and trends? Well, one that you might be familiar with right now is the Silhouette Challenge. This is one that a lot of people are joining in with since it is fun and it can gain a lot of views and likes.

But, one common question that keeps on arising is; how you can remove the red light filter on TikTok? Well, we are going to answer this burning question for you so that you can enjoy the Silhouette Challenge but also know how to turn off the red light filter. So, let’s get started on this topic!

What is the Silhouette Challenge?

First of all, since the Silhouette Challenge is relatively new, you might not have heard about it before. So, let’s begin by going over what this challenge is so that you can know what to expect. Essentially, the Silhouette Challenge involves the creator posing in a doorway with the camera capturing all of them. In particular, they are going to be in a red light background. This means that it is only the silhouette of the creator that you are going to see.

But, when you record the Silhouette Challenge, the video is only going to show the silhouette of the person in black. Thus, a creator has to use the Snapchat app in order to complete the video since they need the Vin Rouge filter. Once this is done, they are going to be able to upload the video and complete the Silhouette Challenge. They upload the video on the TikTok app and pair it with the song called ‘Put Your Head on My Shoulder’. This is a song by the Platters. You are going to be able to find all of these videos since they often feature the Silhouette Challenge hashtag.

How Do You Make the Video with the Red Light Filter?

If you have never applied a filter to a video before, you might be confused about how it all works. So, let’s break it down and make it easy. A lot of people assume that when special effects are used on TikTok. But, this is not true. Often, you can have to record a video and use another app to add the filter. Most of the time, this is going to be on Snapchat. This is exactly what you have to do when it comes to the Silhouette Challenge on TikTok.

It is really easy to get the filter you need for the Silhouette Challenge. All you have to do is open up the Snapchat app. Then, you want to select the camera screen and tap on the Smiley Face icon. This is going to be found on the right side of the camera button. There is also going to be an explore button that you want to hit. In the search bar, you are going to be able to type Vin Rouge. You can click and use this filter and it is ready to create your content.

How Can I Remove the Red Light?

A lot of people also want to know how you remove the red light in the Silhouette Challenge. Again, this is something that is easy when you know how. The first step you are going to do is to download and save the Silhouette Challenge video. You can use a website that is called UnScreen.com to remove the red light. This is easy to do on your laptop and you are able to do it on any browser. Then, you are going to upload the clip and wait a few minutes while this website is going to remove the red light. Then you are going to be able to download and save the video and it is not going to feature the red light this time. 

Why Is This Trend So Popular?

If you have never seen any of these videos before, you might be wondering; why is everyone loving this Silhouette Challenge to much? Well, there is probably a few reasons for this. One is that it is a thirst trap. In other words, it is a video that can be sexy and people like to watch them. What’s more, the creators themselves say that it is a fun video to make. This is the most important thing; that people are having fun with TikTok. Plus, let’s not forget that it is possible to make money from this app.

To Summarize

Before you try recording the latest dance, pose or lip-syncing video on TikTok, you have got to learn what that trend is. After all, you want to do it right and get a lot of likes on the content. What’s more, it is fun to learn the moves and join in with something that everyone is doing. In particular, a trend that is taking off right now is the Silhouette Challenge. This is one that a lot of people are having fun with. But, you need to know how to do it first.

Simply, the Silhouette Challenge involves standing in a doorway and creating a thirst trap video. A silhouette of you is going to be shared with a red light background. This is a trend that many creators are joining in with and you have to use a Snapchat filter in order to do this one. In particular, you are going to want to use the vin Rouge filter. The song that accompanies the Silhouette Challenge is ‘Put Your Head on My Shoulder by the Platters.

But, another question that people have regarding the Silhouette Challenge is how do you remove the red filter. Well, in order to do this, you are going to have to use a website on the video. So, you will have to download and save the video and then use a website that is called UnScreen.com. This is going to allow you to remove the red light filter from the video.

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