TikTok: Who is Ryder James? Age and Instagram Handle

TikTok: Who is Ryder James? Age and Instagram Handle

First of all, there were YouTubers. Then there were Instagram influencers. Now, people want to know all about TikTokers. Just as the name suggests, these are stars and celebrities that have made a name for themselves on TikTok. They post regular videos and content that people love, whether it is dancing to songs and taking on challenges or creating comedy sketches and fun videos. If there is one thing that everybody wants to be right now, it is a TikTok star.

In particular, people love to find out about the people behind the account. Fans grow attached to their favorite content creators. For example, everyone is interested in Ryder James right now. So, let’s find out more about this TikTok star and what he is all about.

Who is Ryder James?

If there is one age group that is successful on TikTok right now it is the teenagers! In particular, Ryder James is the latest name that you might have heard about. He has managed to get over 10 million views on a single video and he is set to be the next heart-throb of TikTok. In particular, fans love his voice and they also are always asking him to smile in the comments of his videos.

For those that have never watched any of Ryder James’ videos before, there is a variety you can enjoy. In particular, Ryder James is known for creating POV or point of view videos, as well as lip-syncing to popular and trending songs. You will also find some challenges and transitions. Again, this keeps his fan happy and he posts on a regular basis. The video we are talking about that has over 10 million views was first created on the 7th October 2020. This is a cool video that is called a transition video. This is where Ryder James shows himself getting up in the morning and then getting suited up as if he is going out.


Idk I tried 🤣🙈 #fyp #fy #transition


Ryder James has a lot of followers on TikTok and Instagram. We are talking about having over 632,000 followers on TikTok. He also enjoys having 40,000 people following his images and videos on Instagram. His Instagram handle is @imryderjames. The very first video that he uploaded was a lip-syncing video and one that used a sound from Rick and Morty, the animation show. This has an amazing 1.2 million views.

Let’s learn about Ryder James away from TikTok. He is currently 15 years old, as he was born on the 21st June 2006. He is a young star on the app but one that is making a name for himself. He first started making content many years ago. Since then, he is growing in popularity all the time. He is around 5 foot and 3 inches in height and weighs about 58 Kg. Of course, he also has brown eyes and hair that you can see from his videos. He is American of mixed ethnicity, as well as being a Christian. He is believed to be single.  But, when it comes to personal information about Ryder James, there is not a lot of details you can find on the internet.


It was 117° outside btw 😂 #pov #fyp #fy

♬ original sound – Bravin Joseck

To Summarize

When it comes to watching TikTok videos, there are going to be people that you like more than others. For example, you will want to know more details about them. You can become invested in them as people and appreciate them more than just for their videos they post online.

Someone that everyone was has been interested in recently is Ryder James. This is a creator on TikTok that is gaining a lot of popularity and fast. So, let’s summarize what we have found out about Ryder James and what you might want to know about him.

First of all, you might have already heard of Ryder James. Indeed, one of his videos is so popular and well-known that it has gained over 10 million views. This is quite a record on the app for a teenager! A lot of people have said that they love his voice and how he smiles. So, his comment section is often full of compliments and people wanting him to post more videos. When it comes to posting videos, Ryder James posts a lot of challenges, transitions, lip-syncing and trending songs on his account. He has over 632,000 followers, as well as being popular on Instagram.

If you want to know more about Ryder James and what he is like away from TikTok, let’s take a second to go over what we found about him. Ryder James is about 15 years old and he has made content for several years. He is American of mixed ethnicity, being around 5’3 in height and weighing around 58 kg. Ryder James is thought to be single, which will please a lot of teenage girls out there.

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