TikTok: Sneaky Link Meaning

TikTok: Sneaky Link Meaning

Have you heard everyone talking about a ‘sneaky link’ on the internet? People are always coming up with new phrases and slang words to have conversations with other people online. In particular, TikTok has become a platform where new words and phrases are being invented all the time. If you do not know what they mean, it can feel like you are being left out of the joke.

Well, a ‘sneaky link’ is something that is simple once you know what it means. So, let’s take a closer look at this slang phrase so that you can start using it when you are on the app or another social media platform.

What Does a ‘Sneaky Link’ Mean?

So, do you want to understand what a ‘sneaky link’ means? Well, this one is actually quite simple when you break it down and think about it. Simply, a sneaky link is a phrase that is using to indicate that you are hooking up with someone in secret. So, you can say that you have a sneaky link instead of revealing the person you are meeting up with or dating casually and their identity remains secret. The word ‘linked’ is often used for meeting up with someone and ‘sneaky’ simple means doing something deviously and secretly without anyone knowing. So, put the words together and you have a sneaky link. Now, it is going to make a lot more sense when people say this on the internet or in real life.

Why is Everyone Saying ‘Sneaky Link’?

There are so many trends and challenges that go viral on TikTok. People like to get to the bottom of it and work out why they first started. In particular, you may be wondering why you are seeing sneaky link all over the place. Sure, it is a trend and this means that the word is going to spread and people will use the phrase. But, has anything else happened to ensure that this phrase becomes popular?


#fyp #sneakylink #lmao jokes 😅🤣

♬ оригинальный звук – Джун

Well, there is a song that is called ‘Sneaky Link’ and this might be the reason why so many people are using the phrase. This song is by HXLLYWOOD and it has been huge on the TikTok app recently. In particular, there are lyrics that are easy to remember:

‘Girl, I can be your sneaky link (sneaky link)

Be my sneaky link (sneaky link)’

So, since a lot of people liked this song, it made its way onto TikTok. This made the song and the phrase go viral at the same time. People started to use this song as they sound when they created content for the social app. In particular, people were starting to make videos that showed a glance of their sneaky link but without giving away their identity. This became a trend.

What Other Big Trends are there on TikTok?

Now that you know what sneaky link is and how it is being used on TikTok, you might be wondering if there are any other big trends on the app you should be aware of. Well, new challenges go viral all the time. But, we are going to share with you some of the big trends were are noticing in 2021.

For example, there is the ‘running through the 6 with my woes’ trend. If you have not seen this one before, it is using the song Know Yourself by Drake. In this song, the lyrics are ‘running through the 6 with my woes’. He then repeats these lyrics but with a lot more emphasis. Well, people are using it to say something they have thought and lip-syncing. The point is that they think twice about what they say when they repeat the lyrics. So, creators are doing this to share realizations they have suddenly had.

Another trend we are noticing is freezing honey. Yes, you read that right. people are freezing honey so that they can enjoy it like a popsicle. Apparently, this is something that is enjoyable and a lot of people like it. But, there are also plenty of people that do not like this sickly treat when they bite into it. I guess the only way to find out is trying it yourself!

To Conclude

There are so many new words and phrases you can learn from TikTok. This can allow you to expand your vocabulary and have some fun with friends and family. Plus, you can join in with trends on TikTok if you like to make videos. For example, you have probably heard people talk about a ‘sneaky link’. If you are unaware of what this phrase means, we are going to summarize what we cover in this post.

When you have a sneaky link in your life, this means that you have someone that you are hooking up with. Often, this is on a casual basis but it can be in the early stages of dating. But, the purpose of them being called a sneaky link is so that their identity remains a secret and they have some privacy. Plus, it can be fun to have some fun with someone and not have everyone up in your business.

Of course, when something happens on TikTok, it quickly takes off and everyone is talking about it. But, another reason why everyone is using sneaky link is because it is also the title of a song. This is called ‘Sneaky Link’ and it is by HXLLYWOOD. Since this phrase is included in the lyrics, everyone has quickly learned to use it. It has become a trend to use this phrase.

There are so many new phrases that you can learn from TikTok alone. But, while some meanings are obvious, there are going to be some others that you will have to learn about. Thankfully, this is the great thing about the internet. All of your answers are going to be online somewhere and you can join in with the joke. Just make sure you do not guess at the meanings so that you do not embarrass yourself!

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