TikTok: Twerk for Me Lyrics – Why Did It Go Viral?

TikTok: Twerk for Me Lyrics

No matter where you are on the internet, there are going to be new trends going around. It can be hard to keep up with them, but that can be half of the fun. From dancing trends to using lyrics in content, there is a never-ending variety of things you can enjoy on the TikTok app.

For example, there might be one viral trend that you are curious about right now. We are talking about the Twerk for Me trend. With more than 800 million users all over the world, this one took off pretty quickly. Let’s explore how this trend started and what it is so that you can join in.

Where Did the Twerk for Me Trend Start?

First of all, before we get into the trend, it is important to understand where it all started. Namely, it was a user called Hailey Nelson that started this trend out. This happened on 10th October 2020. This is a trend that people quickly joined in with since it was a way for females to impress others. In particular, it was a dance that would impress their partner, as well as their other friends. Someone in particular that has enjoyed this trend is Charli D’Amello, who is a huge star and making a living from TikTok. In particular, she did this trend in front of her mother. A lot of people found this funny because the trend is becoming a thirst trap and it has also gained an ‘R’ since it could be classed as inappropriate.

How Do You Do the Twerk for Me Dance?

By now, you are going to realize that the Twerk for Me trend is a dance. But, you might be wondering how you do it. After all, people like to practice and try out the dance before they hit record. So, let’s break it down and see how you can do it.

The first thing you want to think about is what you are going to wear. For a lot of people, they choose some shorts and an outfit that makes them feel sexy for the Twerk for Me trend. To begin the dance, you are going to make a tight fist and move it down to your hips. With your right fist, you are going to punch your backside and then do the same with your left fist. When both of your hands are behind you, you are going to roll your hand in a circle quickly. Think about baking something and you want to mix it quickly.


👁👄👁 #usher #idontmind #foryou

♬ I Don’t Mind (feat. Juicy J) – Usher

The next step is going to involve bouncing your right elbow to your right knee and you want to do this twice. At the same time, turn to your left. Once you have down this, you want to bend your back 45-degrees and twerk at the same time.

When you have made the video, you are going to want to play a song with it. Just like other trends out there, you are going to have to pair a specific song to the Twerk for Me trend. In this case, it is going to be a song created by Kamillion. Here are some of the lyrics so that you get the idea:

‘Oh tonight, I’m gone

And they said, “Last call”

All I want is to see you twerk for me (let me see you twerk)

Bend your back around

Drop that booty to the ground

Just so long as you twerk for P

So darling darling, twerk for me

Oh, twerk for me (Twerk that, twerk that)

Oh, twerk now (Twerk that, twerk that, uh, twerk)

Twerk for me (Twerk that, twerk that, uh, work)

Twerk for me (Work that, twerk, twerk, work, twerk, ah, ah)’

Why is this Video So Popular? 

There are so many trends on TikTok. Some of them take off and have millions of views. These are the ones that you are likely to come across on your homepage of TikTok when you are scrolling. There are also some trends that only have a few thousand views and are more niche. So, you might not come across them unless you are on that side of TikTok. So, what makes one trend take off over another? Well, it is hard to say. Some are just fun to create and this makes a lot of people try them. What’s more, some are entertaining to watch. This is probably what users think about the Twerk for Me trend. What’s more, it helps when big creators follow trends. This makes them spread further and to more users on the app.

To Summarize

With so many trends going around on TikTok, you need to make sure that you keep up. This is particularly true if you like to post videos and gain more followers. The latest TikTok trend that you have probably heard and wondered about is the Twerk for Me challenge. This is something that has gone viral and everyone wants to join in. In particular, Charlie D’Amello is just one example of a famous TikToker that has posted a video for this trend. So, let’s summarize what we have learned in this post so you can join in.

The Twerk for Me dance is one that a lot of people are learning quickly. It has a few moves that you have to learn and then you are going to remember it. You are going to make a tight fist and move it down to your hips. With your right fist, you are going to punch your backside and then do the same with your left fist. When both of your hands are behind you, you are going to roll your hand in a circle quickly. After this, you will bounce your right elbow to your right knee twice. Then, bend your back 45-degrees and twerk. A song called Twerk for Me by Kamillion is going to play at the same time as this dance.

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