TikTok: So I Wake Up In The Morning and Step Outside Song Explained

TikTok: So I Wake Up In The Morning and Step Outside Song Explained

Trends come and go on the TikTok app. But, there is some that stick around and you see more than others. In other words, they go viral. There are many reasons why this can happen. For example, it might be funny content that people like to watch. Another reason is that they can have a catchy or cool song that a lot of people like. Of course, the more videos you watch on TikTok like that, the more you are going to receive through the algorithm.

One trend that a lot of people like right now is with the song ‘So I Wake Up In the Morning and Step Outside’. There is no doubt that this is a catchy tune. But, it has a lot started a lot of fun content you can watch too. So, let’s explore more about this trend and what it is all about on TikTok.

What is the So I Wake Up in the Morning and Step Outside Song?

If you are a regular on the TikTok app, there is probably one song that you always have stuck in your head. We are talking about the So I Wake Up In the Morning and Step Outside song. It is very catchy and a lot of people have said that they are constantly singing it around the house and cannot get it out of their head.


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So, what is the song to the #whatsupchallenge? Well, it is called ‘What’s Up’ and it is by 4 Non Blondes. It was first released in June 1993 and the American rock group has gone viral once again on the TikTok app. A lot of people can relate to the lyrics and think that the tune is catchy. Here are some of the lyrics people are using for TikTok:

‘ And so I cry sometimes when I’m lying in bed
Just to get it all out what’s in my head
And I, I am feeling a little peculiar

And so I wake in the morning and I step


And I take a deep breath and I get real high

And I scream from the top of my lungs

‘What’s going on?’’

What is the So I Wake Up in the Morning and Step Outside Trend?

Now you know more about the song and the sound you are going to hear on TikTok, you probably want to know what the trend is if you have never come across it before. Well, there are a lot of different videos you can watch. So, let’s explore the topics and explain more about what you can expect.

The main idea of this trend is that you are singing along to the lyrics. There are different snippets of the song available on the app so you can choose the one you like the most or you relate to. Then, you are going to lip sync along with the lyrics. Some people like to take this seriously as if they were singing the song. Others like to make it humorous and try to do some funny acting at the same time. You have the freedom to create whatever content you want to create.

Then, there are some talented people on the TikTok app that are attempting to sing the song themselves. This is to show off their talent as this is a hard song to sing. It can be cool to watch people attempt to sing it but in their own style. There are a lot of people out there that can sing and it is fascinating to watch them take on this song.

There are also plenty of people that are bringing humor to this trend and using the So I Wake Up In the Morning and Step Outside song. This can include funny dances and other creative sketches using the tune. In addition, there has been a trend where people sing it out loud on their porch or from their balcony in order to see their neighbor’s reaction. This is one you should do at your own risk; people might not appreciate it!

To Summarize

If there is one thing that everybody loves about TikTok, it is the way that songs can make a comeback and be popular again. Indeed, there are a variety of songs that were released years ago and people had forgotten about. That is until they make a comeback on this popular video sharing app. One of these songs includes ‘What’s Up’ by 4 Non Blondes. Let’s summarize what this song is and what the trend is that is going around on TikTok.

Everybody loves a catchy tune and this is exactly what the song called ‘What’s Up’ is by 4 Non Blondes. It was first released back in June 1993 and it has made a comeback thanks to the TikTok app. You will find all of the videos using this song under the #whatsupchallenge. The content you are going to see is going to vary for this sound. This can include people lip-syncing along and taking the audio seriously. Then, there are other people actually attempting to sing the song themselves. Of course, some people are very talented at this.

Then, there is going to be humorous content associated with the What’s Up challenge. This includes people stepping outside onto their porch and belting out this song so that all of their neighbors can hear. This can mean that you see a hilarious reaction.

Do you want to join in with the What’s Up challenge? You can get a lot of inspiration from other people on the app first. Make sure that you check out their videos and see what type of content you want to create. Since this is a popular trend, this could mean that you get a lot of views on your video. This can be very fun and you never know, you could be the next viral sensation on the TikTok app!

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