TikTok: Skinny Filter Explained

TikTok: Skinny Filter Explained

Are you somebody that is very particular about what images you post of yourself on social media? Of course, everybody wants to post the best photos of themselves online. Indeed, your social media account is normally somewhere you want to show off your best life. In particular, more people are using filters than ever before. This way, they can improve how they look in photos.

There is one filter that everybody is talking about right now. We are talking about the skinny filter on TikTok. Have you used this filter before or are you curious about how it works? Let’s take a closer look at it.

What is the Skinny Filter?

There are a lot of people out there that have started diets for the new year and would love to lose a few pounds. If this sounds familiar, you might want to find out more about the skinny filter and what it can do to your photos. Well, just as the name suggests, this is a filter that may help your face look thinner than it is. People like how it can make them appear slim and ‘skinny’. In particular, people like how it can make the cheeks appear less puffer, as well as the chin and jawline being more pronounced.


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How Do You Use the Skinny Filter?

Do you want to try out the skinny filter for yourself? Well, there are a few steps you are going to have to go through in order to get it. First of all, you need to download the FaceApp application. You can do this on an iPhone or Android device. Something to know is that you will need a pro account for this. It is possible to sign up for a free trial and this is going to allow you to use the filter.

Then, you are going to take a photo of yourself or you can choose an image you have already taken and that you like of yourself. The next step is to get the photo in the app. You will want to tap on ‘sizes’ and ‘small face’. This is going to allow you to choose a filter. Of course, you are going to select the Skinny filter. Then, you are going to be free to do whatever you want with the image. This could include using it on TikTok or uploading it to your Instagram account. You may really like what the filter is able to do for you.

There is also a ‘slim’ filter you can choose from when you use the FaceApp. This might give a better effect that you are looking for if you want to slim down the way your face looks in photos. You can try them both out and see what you think of them.

Is the Skinny Filter Bad?

There are some people that really like the skinny filter for their images. In particular, it makes them feel more confident when they use it. But, for others, the skinny filter is not something they like and they bash it for being part of body shaming. In particular, there are people that complain the filter views ‘chubby’ or round faces as bad and that it shames people that have this type of face shape. In other words, it can make them feel bad about how they look and it encourages them to change this.

There is no doubt that the skinny filter might be a negative trigger for some people. For instance, for those people that are not happy about the way they look, this filter can make them feel worse about themselves. This is not something that we want to encourage. Everybody should be able to feel confident with the way they look and having such a filter is going to have the opposite effect.

In particular, due to these types of filters, there are also some damaging ones emerging. For example, there are ‘fat’ filters. This means the filter is going to add extra weight to your face and make you appear rounder. There have been people using this filter in an attempt to be humorous on TikTok and other social media platforms. While some people laugh at this and find it funny, for others, this is very upsetting and it is causing offense.

To Summarize

There is a lot of fun you can have with filters. In particular, they can allow you to laugh and connect with your friends. They can be used on a variety of social media platforms and one place where a lot of people are using them is on TikTok. Since this is a place where you can share a variety of content, people are mixing it up by using certain filters. In particular, there is one filter that is causing a bit of controversy. We are talking about the skinny filter. Let’s summarize what we have learned about it.

Just as the name suggests, the skinny filter is designed to make you appear thinner and for you to enjoy having a slimmer face. This is something that a lot of people wish for and when they are taking selfies, they can simply use the skinny filter to help them achieve the look they want. People like that the skinny filter allows their cheeks to be slimmer and for the chin and jawline to appear more pronounced.

The skinny is not found on the TikTok app. Instead, you have to download something called FaceApp. You will need a pro account and then you are able to use this filter in any way you want to. Then, you can upload this content onto TikTok. A lot of people like this filter and the way it makes them look.

However, not everybody likes the skinny filter and they think it is a way to body shame others. Indeed, if you are someone that is not happy with the way you look, this filter is not going to help your mental wellbeing. It is encouraging people to lose weight and not like the way they look.

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