TikTok: Pineapple Meaning

TikTok: Pineapple Meaning

If there is one place on the internet where new trends begin and new words emerge, it is TikTok. This social platform is somewhere everybody goes to pass the time, have some fun and even post content of their own. Not only can you laugh and be entertained on the app, but you can also make money. So, you want to keep up with everything that is happening.

In particular, there is one saying that has emerged on TikTok that is confusing people. We are talking about using ‘pineapple’ in your content. Do you know what this means? If the answer is no, keep reading on to find out exactly why people are using pineapple in their videos.

What Does Pineapple Meaning?

People love to take everyday words and use them in another way on the TikTok app. In the last few years, this is something that has exploded. You will find that a lot of words have a double meaning now. The latest one you will notice when scrolling on the app in your free time is pineapple. Sometimes, the videos with new words are self-explanatory and you can work it out. But this is not always the case, which can apply to pineapple.

So, what does pineapple mean? After some research, we have come to a conclusion. First of all, realize that pineapple can have different meanings on the internet. So, be aware that while it could refer to something in a funny way, it could also have a serious meaning too. We are going to tell you the different meanings and you will have to consider it in context to figure out what it means.


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For example, we have found that a lot of people are using pineapple in order to show their relationship status, as well as talk about sexually explicit topics. In this way, it can refer to a number of things or be a way to avoid using certain words that would upset TikTok and content creation. Then, we have noticed that people are using pineapple when they want to say ‘that’s what she said’. In other words, it has become a code word that people use.

Then, there are more wholesome meanings of pineapple and other ways people are using it on TikTok. For instance, users are inserting the word pineapple or using the emoji when they are referring to money in Australia. The reason for this is quite smart; $50 notes in Australia have a yellow color, which reminds a lot of people of the pineapple fruit. Thus, you can see the emoji being used when talking about money or someone might say that they have a pineapple when they have a lot of cash.

There are even more meanings of the word pineapple that you should be aware of. For example, despite often having happy depictions, pineapple can be used as a verbal punishment. In particular, this can be in a work or office setting and people use it to say that a boss is upset with staff. So, if you are scolded by your boss, this is said to be them giving you a pineapple.

Always Think About Pineapple

Unlike some other slang words, pineapple has a variety of meanings, which does not always make it clear what it means. You will find that people are stating pineapple in different ways. For example, some people are going to say pineapple while others will use the pineapple emoji. Most of the time, you will have to read it all in context in order to know what the content creator on TikTok is referring to. Alternatively, it could be used in the comments and you will have to spend some time working it out.

Something you also have to be aware of is that pineapple can have a different meaning depending on what social media platform you are on. Often, slang words all mean the same thing and this is not a problem. But, this is not the same for pineapple and you must be aware of this so that you do not misinterpret something.

For example, if you are using Snapchat, the pineapple emoji is specific to your relationship status. For example, you are going to use this fruit if you have a complicated relationship. The reason for this is visual; the pineapple may be a sweet fruit, but it has a spiky layer on the outside.

If you are someone that is active on Reddit, pineapple means something different again. Instead, this is going to be a symbol that means you like marijuana. This is something you may also see in public and it is used to depict that you are chill and will like to smoke.

Let’s not forget that in real life, pineapple is a positive symbol. In particular, it is used in the United States in a way that shows you will offer hospitality and it is used to be welcoming to guests.

To Summarize

When you are on TikTok, you will notice that it has its own language. This is something that you need to learn if you want to join in with the latest trends. For example, something that you are going to see a lot is ‘pineapple’. Of course, everybody knows this tropical fruit but not all is what it seems. Let’s summarize what it means when you are on the TikTok app.

Pineapple is going to have a variety of meanings across the internet. You are going to have to read into the context and situation and make your own mind up. But, we find that a lot of people are using pineapple to describe their relationship status. In other words, they are in a ‘spiky’ or complicated relationship. Then, there are people that are using the pineapple emoji instead of saying ‘that’s what she said’ and in an explicit scenario. You will also find that Australians use pineapple to refer to money since this tropical fruit is on $50 notes.

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