TikTok: Venom Tattoo – Where Does it Come From?

TikTok: Venom Tattoo – Where Does it Come From?

It is very popular for people to get tattoos when they become a young adult. Indeed, you can draw inspiration from anything and have artwork on your body that you love. Recently, people have been gaining a lot of inspiration for tattoos from TikTok. This is a social platform that is buzzing right now and almost everyone has an account.

If you are not sure what tattoo we are talking about, we are referring to the venom tattoo. You will see more and more people getting this one and in different ways. But, where did this tattoo idea come from and what are people getting done with tattoo artists? Let’s take a closer look and find out the answers to these questions. 

Where Does the Venom Tattoo Come From?

First of all, you probably want to know where the venom tattoo comes from. Well, it is worth pointing out that a lot of people love this tattoo because it says more than just ‘venom’. It actually says ‘women’ when you read it upside down. While it does not say this literally with the letters, if you simply turn your head, you will see ‘women’. So, people love that this can be used as a ‘power’ tattoo and something that can make you feel powerful. It is creative and can make you feel good about yourself.

So, where did the idea for ‘venom’ come from? Well, it appears to be drawn from the song by Little Simz. This is proving a popular song on the app and it is called ‘venom’. It is common for a lot of songs from the past and present to suddenly become popular through the app. This is great for a lot of artists and it can give them the recognition they deserve. Indeed, this is what has happened for Little Simz. She has become a powerful figure on the app since people love her song. This has even led to this tattoo idea.


thx @writewordsmakemagic 4 the design 🙂 ik i gotta go over it more #venom #venomwomen #tattoo #stickandpoke

♬ Venom – Little Simz

What Type of Tattoo are People Getting?

Do you like the idea of this tattoo? Would you like to gain some inspiration for your own body art? The great thing about TikTok is that people are showing off their tattoo online and this is good way to see what you like.

There are some cool variations of the venom tattoo that are cool and can give you inspiration. For example, people are choosing to keep it simple and just get ‘venom’ tattooed on parts of their body. In particular, they are putting the word on its side so that it is easy to read ‘venom’ and ‘women’ at the same time. There are also some cool drawings, such as combining snake with women. This is a subtle tattoo and something you might only recognize if you know the song and the reference.

In addition, if you do choose to get this type of tattoo, you can have fun with the content that you post on the TikTok app. So, you can create a video of you showing off your tattoo, as well as combining it with the ‘Venom’ song by Little Simz. This can be a lot of fun and you can get creative in your video. What’s more, you can inspire tattoos for other people on the app, which is cool.


#stitch with @hell0.k1ttywh0re I also added a longer tail to the M so that the W is capitalized when turned around… #venomwomen #venom

♬ original sound – Clarity Grace

To Summarize

Are you looking for your next tattoo that you can have? Well, you might be looking for inspiration everywhere you look. Indeed, you can find some inspiration for body art in a lot of places. For some people, this is going to be on Twitter. This is a social platform where you can learn a lot of new things, follow trends and even get ideas when it comes to artwork.

In particular, a lot of people have been getting venom tattoos. This is a broad idea that you can make into your own. For example, some people are creating images based on this word while other people are getting ‘venom’ tattooed somewhere on their body.

Where did the idea of a venom tattoo come from? Well, it all started because of a song called ‘Venom’, which is by Little Simz. This soon became a very popular song on TikTok that a lot of people loved. They view here as a strong woman and this song was empowering. Indeed, when people started to look more into the word ‘venom’, they soon realised that if you read it upside down, it said ‘woman’. People thought that this reference was powerful.

Thus, this is the reason why a lot of people are getting venom tattooed onto their body.  There are some really cool variations out there that you can get inspiration from. Whether you like having word tattooed onto you or artistic drawings, you can find a lot of designs on the internet. In particular, people are posting their tattoo on TikTok. They are showing them off and pairing this with the ‘Venom’ song by little Simz.

Therefore, if you plan on getting a venom tattoo, make sure that you hop on TikTok and check out the hashtags. They have a lot of views and they are going to give you a lot of inspiration when it comes to deciding on body art.

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