TikTok ‘/j’ Meaning Explained

TikTok ‘/j’ Meaning Explained

We are in a day and age that new words and phrases are emerging all the time. This is something that young adults find fun and it is like another language you can speak. In particular, these new words and phrases are used on social media and they are being used in the comment section and content of TikTok.

If you like to use this app, you will want to know what these words mean. In particular, you may have seen people say ‘/j’. Of course, it is difficult to know what this means since there are no clues that can hint at what this might mean. Even the context is not something that is going to help you. So, would you like to find out what ‘/j’ means? Let’s take a closer look and find out.

What does ‘/j’ Mean?

First of all, let’s take a look at what ‘/j’ means when it is used on TikTok. Simply, this is something that means half-joking or joking. So, if someone makes a comment that they do not really mean but it is supposed to be humorous, they might add ‘/j’ at the end. There is another variation of this that you might see online. Namely, people can say ‘HJ’ too. Again, this is an abbreviation of half joking.

This is something that seems to be a new thing to say. However, it has most likely come from text language. In particular, everyone knows that it can be difficult to know what people are saying and how they are saying it through text. So, we already see people using shorthand in order to try to express what they mean. For instance, something that we have seen in text language is using ‘/S’. This means that you are being sarcastic. Indeed, unless you really know someone, you will not know when sarcasm is being used. So, if you put ‘/S’ at the end, this is when someone is being sarcastic and should not be taken seriously. Thus, this is likely to have evolved and it is now being used on TikTok.

What are People Saying on TikTok?

So, how are people using ‘/j’ on TikTok? Well, people are saying it in a lot of different contexts. In fact, there is a lot of freedom on how you can use this. For example, there are some people even commenting that they need to start using ‘/j’ because their friends do not understand their humor.

Something interesting to note is that people believe there is always a truth to things you are saying. So, if you want to ensure that the person interprets a comment you make as a joke online, it is best to add ‘/j’ at the end. This is going to ensure that the person you are talking to understands what you are trying to say, as well as making sure that you rare not causing offence to anyone.

Are there Any Other Shorthand Comments You Should Know About?

If you like using shorthand comments like ‘/j’, you might be wondering whether there are any other ones you can use in your texts or TikTok comments and content. Well, thankfully, there are quite a few you can use and enjoy. Here are some that you can use:

  • /li means literally
  • /ij means inside joke
  • /rh or /rt means rhetorical question\
  • /gen means genuine question
  • /hyp means hyperbole
  • /c means copypasta
  • /sx or /x means sexual intent
  • /nsx or /nx means non-sexual intent
  • /th means threat
  • /cb means clickbait
  • /f means fake
  • /t means teasing
  • /nm means not actually mad
  • /srs means serious
  • /r means romantic
  • /ly means lyrics
  • /lh means light hearted

While this can seem like a lot of new shorthand comments to learn, once you are used to them, you are going to find them easy to use. In addition, it can save you time when you are texting and commenting TikTok. It also allows you to say exactly what you want to say.

To Summarize

It can take some time to get used to all of the slang words and phrases that are used on TikTok. A lot of them are hard to guess so this means that it is going to take some time to get used to them. But, once you know the words, you can have a lot of fun and learn new ways to say what you are thinking. In particular, a lot of people have been wondering what ‘/j’ means. So, let’s summarize what we have been talking about in this article so you can start using ‘/j’ when you are on TikTok.

Therefore, ‘/j’ is used as a shorthand comment on a lot of TikTok videos and in the comment section. It means that you are half-joking or joking about a topic. Often, things can get mixed up when you are typing or texting them. In other words, people do not always know when you are being serious or joking. So, you can use ‘/j’ so that people know you are trying to be humorous. This can make sure that nobody is offended by what you say and they can better understand what you mean when you are talking about a subject.

Now that you know what ‘/j’ means, you may be wondering if there are any other shorthand comments you can use. The answer is yes. There is a lot that you can learn and incorporate into your everyday commenting or texting. For example, ‘ij’ means inside joke while /nm means not actually mad.

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