TikTok: What Does a Deaf Gynecologist Do Joke Origin and Answer

TikTok: What Does a Deaf Gynecologist Do Joke Origin and Answer

There are a lot of pranks, jokes and memes that go around on the internet. In particular, if you watch a lot of videos on TikTok, you will know that this app is home to all of them. This is enough to keep you entertained for hours.

There has been one ‘dad joke’ that everybody has been laughing at on TikTok. This is about a deaf gynecologist. If you have not heard this one before, we are going to share the joke and where it came from. So, let’s take a look.

What is a Dad Joke?

First of all, are you wondering what a dad joke is? This is often something that you are going to hear on the internet. Just as the name suggests, a dad joke is something that a father is likely to find funny and tell to his family. Often, people will call it a dad joke if it dated or not really that funny. But, it will probably appeal to older men that are fathers. So, if you are known for your dad jokes, this might not be a good thing! While some people love them, there are others that do not.

What is the Deaf Gynecologist Joke?

So, you are going to want to know what the deaf gynecologist joke is. Well, it is classed as a dad joke, but the funny part is, it was actually created by a mom and this is how it went viral on TikTok. Essentially, the joke is; what does a deaf gynecologist do? The answer is that they ‘they read lips.’ A lot of people have found this joke hilarious as they were not expecting the answer.

There has been a trend on TikTok with the deaf gynecologist. That is, you are going to tell the joke to your friends, partner, family members or even a colleague. At the same time, you are going to record their reaction to the joke. This video was uploaded originally by @thatloperlady and it has over 3.6 million views. People found the reaction of the family and daughter hilarious.

Who are the Loopy Lopers?

Did you like the original video a lot and the energy of the people in the video? Well, you are going to want to know more about the Loopy Lopers. They are a fun family that you can find on TikTok. They make a lot of videos on the app and this is making a lot of people happy. They even have a website called blendedandwinning.com about their life and how they were both married before and the couple got married again to each other with children.


This is the #epic video that made us go #viral 🤣 #MaxPlumpJump #1 #foru #foryoupage #kitchen trending.

♬ original sound – Carnell Nichols

The husband is the one that founded the company and he is called Joaquin Loper. He is a marriage counselor, which has probably helped the situation and he gives out useful advice based on his personal and professional experience. In addition, his wife, Stacey Loper is a grief recovery counselor, as well as being a professional leadership development trainer and speaker. So, both of them together are a power couple. Stacey even has a book called Total Surrender.

How Do People Get Famous on TikTok?

Sometimes, it is just luck on TikTok if your video goes viral. But, there are some things you can do to make sure that your videos get a lot of views. For example, it can be beneficial to join in with the latest trends. If the hashtags have millions of views, people obviously like the content. So, you can join in and make sure that you use the hashtag. This is going to get your video discovered. You can also use the latest sounds that a lot of people are listening to.

You also have to be consistent if you want to make it on TikTok. In other words, you cannot expect one video to make you go viral and to become famous. Instead, you need to be consistent and upload a lot of videos. This is going to give you more of an opportunity to impress people and gain a following on the app. Try to be patient and think about what type of videos you are going to create too. You want to be different and while you follow the trends, you also want to stand out from the crowd.


Literally ROTFL 🤣🤣🤣🤣. #foru foryourpage. Medicine for the soul 💕🌸

♬ original sound – ThatLoperLady

To Summarize

We all love to spend time on TikTok. If you are bored, you know that TikTok is going to have some entertaining videos for you. In particular, there are plenty that are going to make you laugh. This is exactly what the deaf gynecologist video has done. Let’s summarize what we know about this joke and where it has come from.

You can make whatever content you want to on TikTok. This is exactly what the Loopy Lopers do. In particular, they made a joke go viral. This was half to do with the funny answer and half because their reactions are hilarious to watch. In particular, the mom asks; what does a deaf gynecologist do? The answer is, he reads lips. This was a joke that she told her husband and daughter and they both burst out laughing at the answer.

A lot of people are calling this a dad joke. But, we love that this one was actually told by a mom on TikTok. It has been spreading and going viral. The Loopy Lopers create a lot of funny videos on TikTok, as well as some helpful ones. They are an interesting couple that have a website called blendedandwinning.com. If you are curious, you can always go and check out their content. The husband is a marriage counselor and the wife is a grief recovery counselor, professional leadership development trainer and speaker. Together, they make a lot of great content that is going to entertain and help you at the same time. You can take a look for yourself on the TikTok app or on their own website.

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