TikTok: Yawawe Meaning

TikTok: Yawawe Meaning

When you are watching content on TikTok, you are going to come across new words, phrases and sayings all the time. But, the problem is, there is not always an explanation of what they mean. This can leave you confused or guessing what the content is all about.

For instance, one word that has been trending but confusing people is ‘yawawe.’ This word has become part of a movement and watchers are trying to figure it all out. Have you seen some videos that mention yawawe? If you are want to learn more, keep reading out guide to find out what it means.

What does Yawawe Mean?

Almost any idea can become famous overnight on TikTok. Indeed, this has been what has happened to Vincent Gao. He is the creator of the Yawawe saying and this has gathered a lot of attention on the app. For instance, if you look up the hashtag on TikTok, you will see that it has over 352 million views. This is huge and it shows that a lot of people like the videos and are keeping an eye on them. But, what does it mean?


#vincentgao #yawawe

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First of all, while you may think that Yawawe is a made-up word, this is not necessarily true. In fact, this is how you pronounce a word in Japanese. The word in question is used to describe someone as being soft or weak. But, before you start to think that this was the word behind the TikTok sensation, it is not quite the answer. In fact, we can confirm that nobody knows for sure what the meaning of the word is. While Vincent Gao might have taken inspiration from this Japanese word, there is no confirmation that this is where it is from.

What is Yawawe All About?

What are the Yawawe videos all about? Well, we know that it was started by Vincent Gao. Due to this trend, he now has over 2.3 million followers. In these videos, he chooses to prank people. This is going to be to strangers in whatever location he chooses. Then, at the end of the prank, he runs away and shouts Yawawe. Again, there is no reason we can think of for doing this. But, it does make the videos humorous and people clearly like to watch them. Indeed, his videos get millions of views.

Therefore, it appears that Yawawe is simply used as a funny-sounding word and to gain your attention. Think about it as Vincent Gao’s catchphrase. The purpose is, you know that it is him if you hear Yawawe. If you are out and about and hear him say that, you now know that you are part of his prank.


@sarahxalexanderr @itslexismith #vincentgao

♬ original sound – VINCENT GAO

Who is Vincent Gao?

Do you want to learn more about Vincent Gao and who he is? Well, he is an American content creator. He was born in Brooklyn, New York and he is currently 20 years old. He was getting his education from American University, which is located in Washington DC. While we do not know a lot about his family, he does have twin brothers. He is around 5 feet and 8 inches in height.

It appears that he is trying to make a living from his videos. Indeed, he has a lot of followers and views on TikTok. But, he is also trying to boost his Instagram following too. Currently, he has over 186,000 followers on the app and is making regular posts. In addition, he has started his own YouTube channel called Vincent Gao Vlogs.

TikTok is a place where you can make a name for yourself. If you are prepared to put in the work and make a lot of videos, you could earn money from the platform. In particular, this is what Vincent Gao has managed to do. He saw that people liked his prank videos and he went out and kept creating them.

Are Prank Videos Real on TikTok?

There is a lot of speculation when it comes to prank videos on social media and platforms like TikTok. Indeed, some people realized that it was something that got views and they could make money. So, they would fake the pranks and hire actors for their videos. Often, this is something that will be found out. After all, it can be very obvious from hiring actors if they do not react to the prank as they would naturally.

If you are wanting to create prank videos, it is best to make sure they are authentic. This way, you can be proud of the videos you create. It will avoid people leaving negative comments about your videos and make sure the comments are positive and supportive of your work. Of course, when you get some genuinely good reactions, this is going to show and people will watch more.


blooper #vincentgao #yawawe

♬ original sound – VINCENT GAO

To Summarize

If there is one place where you are going to find strange words and ones that do not make any sense, it is going to be on TikTok. People like to have fun and this can mean making up their own words. Well, this is what Vincent Gao has done. He has made the word ‘Yawawe’ a sensation. People have been puzzled about what this means and are trying to make sense of it all.

Well, we can confirm that the word does not mean anything at all. While it could have come from a Japanese word, it is likely that he is just using it as his catchphrase. It is a way to make you laugh when Vincent Gao is doing pranks on people. He has made quite a name for himself on the app and since then, he has gained many followers on YouTube and Instagram.

Some prank videos are real. We cannot confirm or deny whether Vincent Gao’s pranks are real or not. You will have to make up your mind after watching them for yourself. But, note that if you want to do prank videos, it is best to keep them real so that you can genuinely funny reactions from people.

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