TikTok: What is the Fire Truck Game? Why You Shouldn’t Play It

TikTok: What is the Fire Truck Game?

There are a lot of games and trends that go around on TikTok. This is half the fun of the app; you can copy the trending videos and have some fun. Plus, you can see how many likes and followers you can get along the way.

But, there are certain games that you might want to skip. They can have negative consequences and sometimes, you have to be careful. For example, you might have heard people talking about the Fire Truck game on TikTok. What is this and should you be playing it? Let’s take a closer look.

What is the Fire Truck Game?

When it comes to games and trends on TikTok, you have to be careful. In particular, you want to ensure you understand what is going on and whether it is a good thing to join in. After all, not everybody has the best intentions on the app and you need to decide for yourself if you want to contribute to something bigger.

For example, people do not like the Fire Truck Game. While the name of this game sounds innocent, it is not what you think. Instead, this is a sexual game that many believe leads to online and offline harassment. In particular, this is against women.

So, what happens in the game? Well, there are going to be two people. There will be a man and a woman. It will begin when the man asks if she wants to play with his fire truck. Then, if she says yes, he will touch her thighs and gradually move his hand upwards. If a woman wants this to stop, she is supposed to say ‘red light’. However, while this might seem not that bad, it is the next part that people do not like. When a woman says ‘red light’, the man is supposed to reply, ‘fire trucks do not stop at red lights’. Then this means that the man is able to continue to do whatever he wants.

TikTok: What is the Fire Truck Game?

Why Should You Not Play the Fire Truck Game?

Remember that the whole purpose of TikTok and games is to have fun. But this means that all parties in that game should be having fun. The fact that a man is able to continue the game even when the woman has said stop means that she does not want to continue. So, when the man ignores this, he continues without the consent of the woman. Essentially, this is sexual assault.

This is the main reason why people are being encouraged not to take part in this game on TikTok. It is something that leads to sexual assault and allows people to think that if it is a game, this is going to be ok. However, it is never going to be ok to touch someone without their consent.

Indeed, the Fire Truck Game has received a mixed reaction on TikTok. There are some people that find it funny. In particular, this tends to be men. However, there are also a large part of users that do not like this game. So, the last thing you want to do is get involved in something scandalous. This is particularly true if you want to increase your number of followers and the likes on your videos.

In addition, if someone asks you to participate in the Fire Truck Game, it is best to decline and say no. This way, you are showing that you do not agree with the game, even if it is a joke and that person says they will listen to you. You do not want to advertise this game as it could lead to someone being taken advantage of.

To Summarize

Games are supposed to be fun and make you smile. But there are some games that can go too far. Indeed, this often happens with games that go viral. When it comes to TikTok, you have to think carefully about what you post. Of course, your content should abide by the community rules so that it is not removed and so your account does not get banned. But, you also have to think of the larger societal impact it could have. One game that has been controversial lately is the Fire Truck game. Let’s summarize what we know about it.

If you have never played the fire truck game before, you may be wondering what it is all about. Well, this involves two people, typically one man and one woman. The man is going to start touching the thighs of the woman and asking ifs he wants to play with his fire truck. The idea is that when the woman wants the man to stop, they say ‘red light’. Then, the man has the opportunity for the punchline. He will say, ‘fire trucks do not stop at red lights’. This allows him to continue doing what he wants to the woman.

Of course, most people are going to see the fundamental problem with this game. The fact is, the woman is uncomfortable and wants the man to stop. So, she is not consenting to anything that happens after that. But the man ignores this request and continues to do what he wants to do. While it might be said to be a game, the fact is that this soon turns into sex assault. Some people will laugh and say it is a joke. But, it is difficult to see what is fun.

The main reason you do not want to play this game is that it encourages people to touch others without their consent. Then, they are going to claim that it is all a game. But trying this game and posting it on TikTok, you are contributing to it going viral and starting a trend. This is not something you should want to happen since many women are going to feel uncomfortable as a result. Plus, it could lead to people believing they can do whatever they want if they just say it is a game.

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