TikTok: Sussy Baka Meaning

TikTok: Sussy Baka Meaning

Do you know what Sussy Baka means? This is just one of the phrases you are going to see used on TikTok. Everyone finds it hilarious and sometimes, it can take a while to understand what it means. In fact, if you are not a video game enthusiast, you might not recognize this phrase.

So, to save you some time, we have created a useful guide to Sussy Baka. This is going to help you understand what it means and how you can use it. So, let’s get started so you can jump on TikTok and use Sussy Baka.

What Does Sussy Baka Mean?

Already, you have probably spotted people saying Sussy Baka in the comments, as well as in their own videos. It is not a phrase that you can easily guess what it means and this is what will be causing confusion. So, let’s answer once and for all what Sussy Baka means.

Essentially, Sussy Baka comes from a game called Among Us. If you have never played this game before, it is about crewmates that have to complete takes and there is an impostor that will try to kill them. It has become very popular. In that game, Sussy or sus is used to describe someone that is acting suspiciously in some way. In addition, Baka translates to fool in Japanese. Therefore, when you put the words together, you get suspicious fool. Since then, people have been using it on TikTok to describe someone or how they are feeling at the time.

In particular, there is one TikTkoker that many people associate with Sussy Baka. This is Akeam Francis. He made a number of videos using the phrase and the people used the audio of him saying the phrase. After this happened, it started to become a popular phrase on TikTok and one that people would use as a meme. Indeed, it is one of those audio sounds that you hear yourself saying randomly throughout the day!

TikTok: Sussy Baka Meaning

Why is Among Us So Popular?

Are you wondering why everybody is raving about the Among Us game? Well, are going to explain all about it so that you can get a better impression of what it is about. This is a game that you can play on your mobile as well as on your computer. Essentially, it is based on ‘The Thing’ and it is a group play game. There are many of you working together and you have to figure out who the impostor is before they kill you all.

It became popular because it has an exciting storyline, as well as allows many people to play together. You can play with strangers or friends. What’s more, it is free to play, which encourages everybody to try it.

In particular, the storyline is all about a team trying to fix a spaceship. This will include mini-games you have to play as a group and you have to complete them. The games themselves are relatively simple. But, the real issue is that one play is the impostor. So, they look like a crew member, but this is not really who they are. Instead, they are trying to kill each player and make sure that the spaceship is not fixed.

The crew will hold several meetings and during these meetings, there will be a vote. You will vote for whom you think is the impostor and they will be eliminated. Of course, if you all select the right player, then you are going to win the game. But, if you do not, the game will continue and you still have to find out who is going to kill the crew members. You have to watch out for ‘sus’ behavior in order to identify the real impostor.

To Summarize

When you know all of the latest TikTok lingo, you can have some real fun on the app. You can leave good comments on videos that gain a lot of likes. Alternatively, you can make popular videos yourself and join in with the challenges and trends. Of course, if you do not know the meaning of a certain word of phrase, you might miss the whole point of the joke. So, this is why you should take the time to learn words and phrases you see often. Let’s summarize what we know about Sussy Baka.

If you have never heard of Among Us before, you may not be familiar with Sussy Baka. This is a phrase that essentially means ‘suspicious fool.’ The word ‘sussy’ comes from sus, which means suspicious. Then, ‘baka’ means fool in Japanese. So, when you put the words together, this is what you get. You can use this phrase in whatever context you want. Most of the time, people will say this to that their comment is funny and entertains others. This is particularly true when other people know what this means

If you have never played Among Us before, you might also be curious about this game and what it is all about. Well, we will quickly summarize what we have covered about the game. Essentially, this is a fun and exciting multiplayer game. You have to work as a team to complete mini-games and repair a spaceship. At the same time, one member of the team is going to be an alien in disguise and that is trying to kill everyone. You have to work out who this impostor is before they get everyone.

You can play with people you know or with strangers. The game is free and it is definitely something that is going to keep you amused for a long time. The mini-games are fun, as well as trying to work out who the impostor is. You have to keep your eyes peeled and look out for clues so you can win the game. The concept is simple, but you will soon discover that this is a mysterious game that is not always as straightforward and easy as it can seem.

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