TikTok: ‘WSG’ Meaning Explained

TikTok: ‘WSG’ Meaning

Do you spend hours of your time on TikTok? This is something that has become normal to a lot of people as the app takes over people’s lives. There are just so many videos that you can watch, you can lose track of time. What’s more, you might enjoy making videos and sharing your ideas with your followers. It can be fun to see the likes add up and see your follower count increase.

One thing’s for sure, TikTok has created its own language. There are a lot of slang words that have been created on the app and this is something you have to try to keep up with. Again, it can be fun and you can use them to communicate with other users. In particular, one abbreviation that has been used a lot recently is WSG. This is not an easy one to guess and you may be confused about what it stands for. So, let’s take a closer look at what WSG means.

What Does ‘WSG’ Mean?

There are some abbreviations out there that you are well-known or you can guess easily. For example, a lot of people know that ILY stands for I love you, as well as TBH meaning to be honest. Even BTW and WYD are being used by a variety of ages on the internet, social media and on TikTok. But, some of the new slang words are not so easy to guess and they are not well-known enough yet that you will recognize them. For example, this is where WSG comes in. It is a new slang word and we are going to explain what it means to save you the trouble of trying to work it out.

The meaning of WSG is actually simpler than you might think. This means what’s good? This is another way of asking how are you or what you are up to? This is a simple greeting that a lot of people use with their friends, as well as other acquaintances. It is a good way to start a conversation or just to be polite to someone. This is particularly true if you are not sure what to say to someone.

Therefore, this is the most common meaning of WSG we have seen. But, there are some other ways it can be used. For instance, we have also seen people use WSG as an abbreviation for ‘with special guest’. For example, a creator on TikTok might have someone else joining them in a TikTok and they use this abbreviation for introducing them in the video caption. Alternatively, we have even seen people use WSG to mean ‘weird strange girl’. So, when there is someone that confuses you and they do not act like how you would expect them to, this is when WSG is used.

The best way to work out what WSG means is to think about the context. How is this abbreviation used in a sentence? For example, if someone comments on your TikTok video and says, ‘hi, WSG? This means they are greeting you and are saying hello, how are you? However, if they said ‘lol WSG…’ under your video, this might mean they are laughing at you and calling you a weird strange girl. Just take your time and think about how it is used before you respond to something. This way, you can make sure that you understand the other person and you are not jumping to conclusions. While there are some people that can be mean on TikTok, most people want to be friendly. So, it is likely that they are saying WSG in a way to say what’s good?

Other Popular TikTok Abbreviations

There are quite a lot of abbreviations that are used on the TikTok app. You will notice them in content, as well as in the comments being left by other users. It can be useful to learn what they mean so that you can get more from the app. So, let’s take a look at some other popular TikTok abbreviations that you are likely to come across.

You are likely to come across TFW at some point. This stands for ‘that feeling when’. So, people are going to use this if they want to demonstrate a feeling they have at a particular moment. For example, if someone says TFW you are at a concert’, they might show you content of what it feels like to be present at a music concert.

Another common abbreviation is sus. This one is quite obvious when you know what it means. Sus is simply short for suspicious. So, this is when something does not quite feel right or you do not believe something. You could say that someone is ‘acting sus’, which would mean they are acting strange or suspicious in a certain situation.

One abbreviation we see a lot in TikTok videos is POV. Do you know what this stands for? Simply, this one is ‘point of view’. You will see this in a lot of content on the app where people recreate their point of view in a situation. This can be funny content or serious; it depends on the topic. But, the purpose of POV videos is to see a different point of view on a subject. Now you know what this stands for, you can enjoy the videos.

Then there is FR. This is short for ‘for real’. This is a phrase used if you want to know if someone is being serious and truthful. For example, you can could them, ‘are you for real?’ So, when you are on TikTok and someone says FR, this is going to be what they mean. They might be asking someone if they are being genuine or stating they are in their content so that other users believe them. RN is another short abbreviation used on the internet. This stands for ‘right now’ and it is going to be used when something happens in the present time.

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