The Cash Twins – Who Are They? From Oovoo Javer Men to Influencers!

The Cash Twins – Who Are They? From Oovoo Javer Men to Influencers!

Did you use to be a huge fan of Vine? Before TikTok took off, everybody was on Vine having fun with the content there. It was at its height of popularity between 2013 and 2016. In particular, there were some vines that went viral and people still remember them today. If you used to love watching vines, you might have heard about the Cash twins. But, if you do not know a lot about them, let’s take a closer look at the Ooovoo Javer men and what they are doing now.

Who are the Oovvoo Javer Men?

First of all, let’s take a look at who the Ooovoo Javer Men were. Well, to begin, they became famous through Vine. This is where you were able to freely share video clips that looped for around seven seconds. Namely, the clip that made the Cash Twins famous was an interview that went on vine. In the video, a person is stopped in the street and he is asked; ‘who is the hottest Uber driver you have ever had?’ Instead of giving the answer that the interview wanted, he replied; ‘I have never went to Oovoo Javer’.

The reason that this Vine took off and went viral is because everyone found it hilarious. Clearly, the guy misheard the question or was not familiar with Uber at that time. So, he answered the question out of context. He is also quite confident in his answer and chewing gum at the same time. So, everybody found this Vine hilarious.


Barbied up🥰💖 #Thecashtwinss #fyp

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In 2017, after a few years went by, the Oovoo Javer Guy, as he started to be called online, decided that he would react to this Vine. So, he created a YouTube video in order to do this. In this video, he described what had happened that led to this interview. Indeed, he explained that it was real and it was not a setup. Simply, he had been walking through the mall with some of his friends. He was then asked to do an interview and for it to be recorded,  to which he agreed to. He then when to claim he did not know what Uber was. So, instead of making a fool of himself, he thought that he would just repeat the question. Of course, little did he know, he was repeating the wrong thing.

So, who are the Oovoo Javer Men? Well, after this success, Gabriel Cash decided that he was going to capitalize on his popularity. This led him into the social media and he started to make content with his twin brother called Daniel. Indeed, their nickname was Oovoo Javer Men. But, on YouTube, they became known as the Cash Twins.

Where are the Cash Twins Now?

Over the years, the Cash Twins have gained a lot of followers online. For example, they have over 16,000 subscribers on YouTube where they crate content. They also post a lot on Instagram. Indeed, they have around 138,000 followers there. But, these are not the only platforms where the Cash Twins upload content. They are also known to share posts on Twitter, as well as run an OnlyFans account. But, instead of being known as the Cash Twins, they like to be referred to as Danielle and Gabrielle.

To Summarize

For those that are a fan of Vine, you may have heard of the Oovoo Javer Men before. If you are not familiar with this video, it was a short clip that was an interview. While on the street, one of the Cash Twins was asked who the hottest Uber driver was that they had before. But, he replied ‘I have never went to Oovoo Javer’. This went viral because everyone thought it was hilarious. His answer was so confident and despite him being confused in real life, he pretended that he simply had not been to this place before.

Later on, Gabriel Cash admitted that he did not know what Uber was. While this is a name that everybody knows now, at the time, it was just taking off. So, we cannot really blame him for not being familiar with what Uber was at that time.

Since then, the Oovoo Javer Men have become famous on other platforms. In particular, they joined YouTube after this Vine went viral. They became known as the Cash Twins instead. Since then, they have continued to make content. But, it is a little different now. Instead, they are uploading posts on Twitter and they have an OnlyFans account. They are rebranding themselves and you will find them known as Danielle and Gabrielle. They have thousands of followers and post on a regular basis.

So, the Oovoo Javer Men have evolved since that famous interview. While it was all fun and games to start with, the Cash Twins now make a living online. You may have heard of the Cash Twins before and not realized that they are also referred to as Oovoo Javer Men. Now you know who they are, you may want to check out their social accounts and see what they are up to now.

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