When Did Vine Die?

When Did Vine Die

Can you remember Vine? This was a social platform that a lot of people loved for many years. In particular, young people loved to share short videos on the internet, allowing them to engage with people and go viral. In fact, a lot of people that are famous today were discovered through Vine. For example, think about Logan and Jake Paul that are now taking place in multi-million dollar boxing fights.

But, whatever happened to Vine and can you use the social platform today? Unfortunately, the answer to this question is no. Let’s investigate and look at when Vine died and what happened to this once popular platform.

What happened to Vine?

First of all, Vine started back in June 2012. It began to take off when Twitter bought Vine for a huge $30 million deal later that year. In fact, it had not even officially launched and Twitter knew it was going to be big. Everybody loved the concept of being able to share short videos. In particular, they were only going to be six seconds long. This was enough to capture people’s attention and have some fun. You could easily watch hours of content and not become bored. People would be creative on this platform, as well as funny and even be serious. A lot of people danced, created lip-syncing videos and comedy sketches.

In October 2016, the dreaded news arrived. The Vine mobile app was discontinued by Twitter. You could watch content and download videos. But, you were unable to post new content on there. There was some connection to create videos on Twitter in a similar way, but it was not something that really took off. Then, Vine became ‘Vine Camera’. This was only used in able to help people creative six-second videos. They could then post them on their Twitter feed to their followers. But, this was not something that was popular and it was plagued by problems that users did not like.

Why Did People Stop Using Vine?

The ultimate question; what happened to Vine? Why was it popular and then nobody wanted to use it? Well, there are many reasons for this. A lot of people blame Twitter for the breakdown of Vine. Namely, they did not grow the concept and this is something that became boring for users. In particular, other platforms were popping up with similar ideas. Simply, Vine did not evolve with the times and this meant that they were left behind. Users went elsewhere.

For example, Instagram is a social media platform that rivaled Vine. They created Instagram Video, which means that you could share 15-second videos. Of course, this was slightly longer than Vine and you could post it to your Instagram page. Indeed, this was exceptionally popular and people loved this new feature. There was also Snapchat becoming big around this time. This was allowing people to share and send videos with their friends, family and partners no matter where they were.

When marketers and businesses realized that Instagram and Snapchat were growing, they moved away from Vine. For example, they chose celebrities on these apps to share their products and promote their services. They saw that fewer people were using Vine and knew they would have more success on another platform.

Now, a similar app has taken off and it is enjoyed by millions. We are talking about TikTok. This is a platform that a lot of people love and it reminds everyone of Vine. You have probably heard of it or at least heard people talking about it. This is because you are able to share short videos. Marketers are loving it right now and a lot of creators are able to make big money from it. It has been huge because of the pandemic too and people looking for something to past the time. Indeed, a lot of people admit that they can spend hours watching videos and not get bored. There are a lot of trends that go around on TikTok, which helps to keep it new and popular. This can be fun to join in with, as well as to watch all of the videos.

To Summarize

Over the years, there have been many social media websites and apps that have died. For example, Bebo and Vine are just two examples that a lot of people might remember. There are going to be plenty more that you can name off the top of your head when you think about it.

But, a lot of people have been curious about when and why Vine died. This used to be a huge social platform and it was very popular at first. It was one of the first of its kind that allowed people to share short videos on the internet. But, it is now gone and we see that TikTok has taken its spot. So, let’s summarize what we have learned in this article and find out everything you need to know about Vine.

It is good to know where Vine started. This was in June 2012 and it was quickly bought by Twitter since they saw the potential of the platform. The concept of sharing short videos was novel and something that could be a hit. Indeed, it was for a while. Everyone loved the fact that it was just short videos and you can could create anything you wanted, from comedy sketches to dance trends.

But, it was not soon before rivals and better platforms pushed Vine out. The launch of new features from Instagram meant that Vine slowly died. People lost interest and found better ways to share their videos on the internet. If this is something that still interests you, you can also head over to TikTok if you are not there already. This is a really fun app that keeps on growing. You can post short videos and there are now ways you can monetize your account. So, why not check it out and start creating short videos?

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