How to Grow Your YouTube Channel

How to Grow Your YouTube Channel

YouTube is arguably the most well-known video streaming on the internet. Due to this popularity, many individuals post videos there to earn exposure and recognition; YouTube has not disappointed them. You can quickly begin gaining subscribers and grow your channel with the right content and audience. The competition is tough, but we’re here to help. Here are different ways you can improve your videos and grow your YouTube channel:

1.   Design Intriguing Thumbnails

When a person goes on YouTube to search for a video, they get numerous results, which makes your first impression matter. In most cases, viewers go for the video with the most views or an attractive thumbnail. This is another way you can ensure viewer interest in your video. Design a catchy thumbnail that stands out from the rest and provides a gist of what’s in the video.

2.   Use Background Music

Sometimes a video without music can be monotonous and boring. You want the viewers to watch until the end, and a catchy background theme can help you achieve this. However, you need to be sure that the music you are using is not copyrighted and is royalty-free – otherwise, YouTube may take your video down or give you a copyright strike. Many online sites provide free music for YouTube videos. Be sure to do your research and find suitable theme music for your video.

3.   Maintain the Quality of Your Content

The first step to making YouTube videos is creating quality content. You need to be sure about the type of content you excel at making and what kind of audience you would be affected by it. Once you’ve narrowed down the specific niche, you can start working on improving your content. Be selective of your goals and what you want to achieve through your videos, and work by designing them according to your targeted audience.

Look at videos of other people who create content in the same niche. Get a friend to watch these videos with you as well. An extra set of eyes may help point out specific flaws you might miss. Also, watch videos of popular YouTubers. This way, you can single out information for your content that you’re sure would be engaging to the audience.

4.   Promote Your Video on Social Media

By sharing your videos on social media, you can increase audience engagement. However, this would require a decent social media presence, which you will need to work on. The efforts will be worthwhile, as your channel viewership would increase, giving you subscribers and exposure. Another thing you can do to optimize it better is to transcribe your YouTube video and provide a transcript. Transcripts will help your video be found more easily, leading to more views and subscribers.

5.   Bond With Your Audience

For your YouTube channel to grow, you want viewers to subscribe and keep coming back for every video you post. Engaging with the audience will let the viewers know you care about them. Tell your story through your videos to bond with your audience better. This will also attract people with similar interests to watch your videos.


YouTube is a source of income for many individuals. It is a way many people can enhance their brand and get recognized for their work. Different entrepreneurs use YouTube to build up a reputation for their trade. To make all this possible, you want to ensure that the videos you upload are exciting and informational. The content should connect with the audience. This way, your channel will grow in no time.

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