YouTube: Why Did the Try Guys Edit Out Ben Greenfield

YouTube: Why Did the Try Guys Edit Out Ben Greenfield

It does not matter what internet personalities you keep up with, there is always some type of controversy going on. Of course, this can bring entertainment and it can make you interested in what is happened. It is easy to get invested in famous people’s lives and when something happens, you want to know all of the juicy details.

If you like to watch a lot of YouTube videos, you might have seen people talking about Ben Greenfield recently. Namely, people are asking why the Try Guys edited him out. Do you not know a lot about this topic but want to get the factors? Let’s take a closer look at what is going on with this drama.

Who are the Try Guys?

First of all, you might be wondering; who are the Try Guys? Well, a lot of people love the Try Guys since they are a comedy series you can find on YouTube. They have won awards in the past and have over 7.5 million subscribers. This makes their videos very popular, with several members making up the Try Guys. This includes Keith Habersberger, Eugene Yang, Zach Kornfeld and Ned Fulmer. You can also find the Try Guys on Instagram and Twitter, as well as Facebook.

It all started for the Try Guys on Buzzfeed. This is how people started to know them and they created entertaining content. But, they were no longer affiliated with Buzzfeed from 2018. They went their separate ways and still continued to create content they loved and other people appreciated.

What Happened to Ben Greenfield?

Of course, you are all here because you want to know what happened to Ben Greenfield. Well, he was going to be in a video with the Try Guys. In particular, they were going to a video involving an ice bath. The point of this content is to see who can survive the longest in this ice bath. As you can imagine, this can be quite a hard task. But, it can also be entertaining for an audience to watch.

For the video, the Try Guys wanted an expert to be present. The purpose was to educate the audience on what the effects are on the body of extreme cold exposure. This would add an interesting and educational element to the video. As you can guess, the expert that was chosen for this role was Ben Greenfield.

However, people did not like Ben Greenfield appearing on this episode. This was because he is an anti-vaxxer. If you have not heard this phrase before, it means that he does not believe anyone should be vaccinated against disease. In particular, this included children from a young age. When people found this out, they were not happy. They thought that the Try Guys should have known better and that they were trying to influence people’s decisions.

In addition, the facts that Ben Greenfield was sharing were not all correct. For example, he stated that if you put yourself in cold temperatures, it can have positive effects for the body. For example, he claimed that it could help you lose weight and even help to fix the anxiety you are feeling. But, there is not solid evidence to say that this is correct

After seeing all of the negativity they were getting on this video, the Try Guys decided that they had to do something. In particular, they wanted to edit out Ben Greenfield. This would mean that his comments were removed and it would not affect the content they had created. So, they posted a modified version. This was able to get around one million views in just a couple of days.

What was the Reaction from the Internet?

One thing’s for sure, people were not happy about Ben Greenfield appearing in this YouTube video. They thought that he was not really an expert but someone sharing harmful views. They blame the Try Guys for not being more careful. A lot of people believe that they should have looked further into his views. Indeed, many of them are controversial. For example, Ben Greenfield believes that vaccines are capable of causing autism. People thought that they should delete the video

In the end, the Try Guys did listen to what their viewers were saying. They chose to delete the original video and create a new one. There are going to be some viewers that remember the original. But, a lot of people will not see it

To Summarize

There you have it. Now you know why the Try Guys decided to edit out Ben Greenfield. This has been a recent controversy that people have wanted to know about. But, if you did not catch the original video, you might be very confused about it. So, let’s summarize what we have learned in this post.

Therefore, the Try Guys produce popular comedy videos on YouTube. They have a huge following with over 7.5 million subscribers. While they started on Buzzfeed, they continued to have a great career after they separated in 2018. But, they started to receive backlash over the latest video they posted. This featured Ben Greenfield. While their intentions seemed to be innocent and they just wanted to include an expert in their video, people did not like him being featured.

The main reason why people do not like Ben Greenfield is because he is an anti-vaxxer. This means that he does not believe in vaccinating people against diseases. He has made some controversial statements in the past and people do not like them. In addition, when he featured in the bath challenge video with the Try Guys, he was saying a lot of facts that are not confirmed true. It is not confirmed whether cold temperatures can really help you lose weight or lower anxiety levels. This was not the expert opinion that the Try Guys wanted and this is why they ended up deleting the original video and posting a new one without Ben Greenfield.

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