How Many Seasons of Longmire?

How Many Seasons of Longmire?

Are you looking for a new television series to watch? When you are choosing a new show to binge-watch, you want to ensure that you choose one where there are several seasons. This means that you are going to have more episodes to get through and it can be more enjoyable when it comes to storylines.

Well, one television show that you might want to watch is Longmire. This one has been popular and there are several seasons. Let’s take a closer look at this show and how many seasons there are to get caught up on.

What is Longmire?

Have you heard of Longmire before? This is a popular television show and it might be one that appeals to you. So, before we investigate how many seasons you can enjoy, let’s discuss more what the show is about and what you can expect from watching it. This way, you can work out if this is a show that appeals to you.

Longmire is a television series that is based on the Walt Longmire Mysteries novels. They are written by Craig Johnson and are focused on Walt Longmire who is a sheriff. This story is based in Wyoming and it is all about investigating crime. Walt Longmire does this with friends and other employees at the sheriff’s office, as well as with his daughter. As a character, he has had a hard time with his wife’s death. If you like crime and drama, this is a series that you are going to enjoy watching. It has received good reviews and has many fans after first airing in 2012.

How Many Seasons Are There of Longmire?

If you like the sound of Longmire, you may want to know more information about the show. Namely, you want to know how many seasons have been released. After all, there is nothing better than binge-watching a show and all of the episodes back-to-back. Well, let’s take a closer look.

First of all, it is important to point out that there are six seasons. They have all been aired and you are able to view them. So, there are plenty of episodes you are going to be able to watch if you want to sit down and have a long evening. In fact, a lot of fans are desperate for a season seven. But, there has been no official announcement of this anywhere. In other words, the show has not confirmed whether there is going to be the seventh season.

After doing some digging, people believe that a seventh season was cancelled by Netflix. In fact, people are going as far as to say that it the show could be cancelled altogether. This is something that fans are not going to want to hear.  But, something we should say is that nothing is set in stone. There has been no official announcement. Even if the show was cancelled for now, there is always the possibility for it to return in the future. Perhaps it could even get picked up by another platform.

What Could the Storyline Be in Season Seven?

There is always possibilities when it comes to season seven of Longmire. Namely, it would mean that Candy would become the new sheriff. Then, Walt Longmire would have a quieter life and be able to spend time with Vic. But, there are some fans that would like to see Walt Longmire enjoy more action. There are so many possibilities of where a new season could go.

There are other rumors to suggest that Longmire might move the platform and not be on Netflix. With a new platform possibly taking on the series, this could change the direction of the show.

Ultimately, fans will have to wait and see what direction the show goes in. Perhaps there is going to be the seventh season and maybe there is not going to be more of the show available any time soon. All you are going to have to do is wait and see what happens. Something to realize is that it was the first few seasons that performed the best. They hit their peak and since then, there has been a decline in viewers.

To Summarize

When you are new to a show, you often want to know how many seasons there are. This lets you know if you can binge-watch the show and whether there is going to be enough content to enjoy. After all, there is nothing worse than finding a show you like and characters you can connect with for it to be cancelled after one season. Unfortunately, this is something that happens with Netflix shows if they do not have good ratings. If you are new to the show called Longmire, you might want to know more about it. So, let’s summarize what we know about this popular show.

Longmire is a show for anyone that likes mysteries and action. It is based on the Walt Longmire Mysteries novels and there is a lot to unpack in the episodes. This makes them fun to watch and you can get to know the characters more. In particular, it is based around Walt Longmire who is a sheriff in Wyoming. You can follow his life and the people around him as he comes to terms with his wife’s death. The show first aired in 2012.

So, how many seasons are there to watch of Longmire? Well, there are quite a few for you to watch, which is good news. If you like the show, you can look forward to six seasons. They are all released and ready to watch whenever you want to. That is, if you already have a subscription to Netflix.

Fans of the show love it so much that they are looking forward to a seventh season. There is the possibility of the show having another season but nothing has been officially confirmed just yet. For example, everything is up in the air and there are some people saying that the show might even move platform.

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