Is Cavetown Trans? – Explained

Is Cavetown Trans?

Thankfully, we are starting to live in a world where you can be yourself. This is a good thing for people that may have struggled with their identity and sexuality many years ago. Now, they are more likely to live a free life and be able to embrace who they are.

Of course, while you are under no obligation to explain your identity to anyone, there are some that are going to be curious. For example, a lot of people have been asking, is Cavetown transgender? Let’s take a closer look at the answer to this question.

Who is Cavetown?

First of all, if you are not familiar with who Cavetown is, let’s talk about what he is known for. Well, he is primarily known for being a singer-songwriter from England. But, he is also known to be a record producer, as well as make YouTube videos. So, it is fair to say that Cavetown is a creator of content.

On a personal level, Cavetown’s real name is Robin Daniel Skinner. He is 23 years old and was born on 15th December 1998. He is said to be inspired by his father who is a musicologist and choir director. In addition, his mom is a baroque flutist and music teacher. So, it is fair to say that he has a very musical background.

In particular, a lot of people like Cavetown’s music because he has a unique style. For instance, this includes some indie rock, pop and indie pop. There are even some ukulele ballads thrown into the mix. Indeed, there is a huge number of people that enjoy his music and there are more than 6 million streamers that listen on Spotify every month.

In addition, he has a popular YouTube channel. He started this back in November 2012 and since then, he has managed to gather 1.66 million subscribers. In total, there is over 228 million views on all of his videos. This is a very impressive number. He also has more than 658,000 followers on Instagram.

Is Cavetown Transgender?

The simple answer to this question is yes, Cavetown is transgender. He announced this in 2020. So, this means that while he was born as a girl, he is now a boy. In particular, he uses he and him pronouns. In addition, there are some instances on social media where he has used they and them pronouns too.

In addition, Cavetown has also announced his sexuality. He identifies as asexual and aromantic. While he is single at the moment, this means that he does not experience sexual attraction to either gender.

Did Cavetown Make Hurtful Tweets?

A lot of people have wanted to know if Cavetown was transgender also because of some controversial tweets he made in the past. In particular, he has issued an apology for these tweets that were hurtful. They were said to be antisemitic and racist, as well as some transphobic comments, with him saying that they were unacceptable and that he understands they caused hurt and damage.

People were annoyed with Cavetown for making these comments in the past because he was transgender. In other words, he should know how hurtful it can be for someone to say something bad. He should understand what it is like to be singled out as a minority in society and should not have made the comments.

Cavetown went on to release several videos on Twitter explaining what happened. In particular, he apologised and explained what was going through his head. Indeed, he was being held accountable. When addressing the transphobic slur he made, this is when he announced he was transgender.

To Summarize

While there is still a lot of progress that can be made, we now live in a world that is more open to accepting people. In particular, people feel confident to be themselves and come out of the closet or reveal they are transgender. Indeed, everyone should be able to live the life they want to. But, there are some people that grow curious about the sexual orientation and gender of celebrities and internet personalities. For instance, a lot of people have been wondering whether Cavetown is transgender. Let’s summarize what we know about the situation.

Cavetown is a well-known singer-songwriter that is from England. In addition, a lot of people know him as a content creator since he releases YouTube videos. He is 23 years old and has made a big impact on the internet. In particular, he has popular music and this may be down to his musical background. His father is a musicologist and choir director while his mother is a baroque flutist and music teacher. His unique style is something that intrigues people and this is why he has more than 6 million streamers listening to his hits every month on Spotify.

So, let’s answer the question; yes, Cavetown is transgender. This is something that he chose to reveal in 2020. He also said that he is asexual and aromantic. A lot of people, including his fans, became curious after he wrote some controversial tweets some years ago. In particular, they were described as being transphobic comments that hurt and offended a lot of people who read them. In addition, there were some that were said to be antisemitic and racist. So, he had a lot of explaining to do.

Of course, Cavetown apologized for the tweets he made in the past. A lot of famous people would simply apologize and move on. But, something that Cavetown should be commended for is taking the time to explain what was behind the tweets. But, there are some people that were hurt by his comments. They talk about how he is transgender and this means that he should have known better before making them. A lot of famous people are having to address comments they made in the past. Is this fair? Well, it depends on what you have said. But, you should be commended for taking the time to apologize.

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