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How Far to Stand from a Dartboard

How Far to Stand from a Dartboard
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When you are at the bar with friends or family, one of the best activities for some fun is playing darts. But if you are not aware of the rules, this can mean that you do not fairly win the friendly competition. While it can seem boring, it is best to learn the rules first so that you can show off your skills later on.

In particular, you need to know where you should stand in order to take your turn with the dartboard. Let’s take a look at the official rules of darts so that you can win fair and square.

The Rules for the Height of a Dartboard



If you have a dartboard at home, you may only be concerned with where on the wall it is going to be and if you have enough space to play. However, if you do not follow the official distances of the game, this can affect your overall experience. So, let’s see what the official rules say when it comes to the height and distance of a dartboard. You are going to need a measuring tape for this.

First of all, there is the height. The rules say that your dartboard has to be positioned at a height of 5 feet 8 inches or 1.73 meters. Use your measuring tape to find this weight on the wall you want to mount your dartboard to. The good news is this is the official height and it does not matter what type of dartboard you purchase.

One thing to realize is the height is not taken from the base of the dartboard. Instead, it actually should be measured from the bullseye in the center of the board. This can make it a two-person job in order to find the right height. Make sure that you take your time so that you get it right.

The Rules for the Distance from the Board


Not only is there a height for the dartboard, but there are official rules of where you should stand in order to take your shot. In other words, you have to stand at a certain distance from the border in order for you to comply with the official rules of the game.

To figure out the distance, you need to think about the type of darts you have. For instance, there are going to be different rules depending on whether you have steel-tipped or plastic-tipped dart. This plays a part in how the dart travels. First of all, if you have steel-tipped darts, you are going to have to stand 7 feet 9 ¼ inches or 2.37 meters away from the board. Those that have plastic-tipped darts will be required to stand slightly further back. This is going to be at 8 feet or 2.43 meters away.

The place that you stand should be marked so that you do not have to measure every time to play darts. The distance is called the oche and a white line on the ground will do the trick. In order to find this spot, do not measure from the wall. It should be from the dartboard. Remember that every board is going to have a different thickness and this has to be considered when you are measuring the distance.

A lot of people wonder why you need to take the distance seriously in a fun game of darts with friends and family. Well, the main reason is so that nobody has an unfair advantage. When you are all standing at the same distance, you can have a real winner and it can actually avoid arguments. You are more likely to have fun and you can feel great about winning too.

Do Not Cross the Oche When Playing Darts



Not only is positioning the board important for playing darts, but you also have to make sure that you pay attention to other rules. For instance, you are not allowed to cross the oche when you are taking your turn. This is known as the throwing line and this is the closest you are allowed to get to the dartboard. It does not matter what type of board you have or who you are playing with, you cannot cross it or you are not following the rules of the game.

Some people think that it is only your throwing hand that cannot cross the oche. However, this is not true. The rules state that it can be any part of your body, including your feet and arms. Any part of your body being over the throwing line is referred to as an unfair advantage. So, if you want to win fair and square, make sure that you are behind it. Indeed, you are able to stand as far behind the oche as you wish. But people do like to get close so that they do not have to throw as far.

If you are setting up a dartboard at home, you might use tape or chalk to mark the ochre, depending on the flooring you have. After all, the board is just for casual games between family and friends. But this does mean that you always have to be watching where your feet and the rest of the body is positioned. You might find it beneficial to use a raised piece of wood or other material. This is going to let you know if you are stepping over it without having to look and break your concentration.

Alternatively, if you do not feel confident measuring out all of the lines and want to simply enjoy a quick game of darts, there are dartboard sets that make it easy for you. They are designed like mats and can be easily rolled out when you want to play. This has a printed oche on the ground so that you do not have to waste a lot of time measuring the distances if you do not keep your board out all the time.

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