Instagram: CFS Meaning

Instagram: CFS Meaning

There is slang that is unique to all types of social media. For example, TikTok can have a different language from Instagram. If you want to get the most out of these apps, you will need to learn what all of the words and phrases mean. In particular, you are going to see a lot of acronyms used on social media. This often saves people time when they are on an app, as well as being a cool way to speak on that platform.

For example, you may have seen people talking and mentioning CFS on Instagram. This is the latest acronym that people are using a lot when they are communicating with their friends on the popular app. So, what does it mean and how can you use it? Well, let’s find out about CFS.

What Does CFS Mean?

So, let’s get straight to the point and find out what CFS. So, if you look up this acronym on Urban Dictionary, you will see that it stands for close friend’s story. This is a feature on Instagram. If you are not familiar with what this is, it is a private story that is featured on the app. Therefore, it is only going to be shown to certain people and they are the only ones that can view whatever you post. So, if someone asks you to add them to CFS, this means that they want you to add them to your close friend’s story.


Why would you want to have a private friend’s story on Instagram? Well, there are a few reasons for this. Primarily, there are going to be some stories that you only want to share to some people and now others. A lot of people like to have a lot of followers. But, there are going to be some people that you know better than others. So, instead of losing those followers, you can simply create a close friend’s story. This means that you can select who is going to see your story. This can be good for safety too.

How Can You Make a CFS on Instagram?

The good thing is, it is really easy to make a CFS on Instagram. This is something that anybody can do and it can mean that you enjoy peace of mind. So, if you want to create a CFS, you need to first open up the app on your smartphone. Then, click to go onto your own profile. Where the menu button is, follow this and you will see an option for ‘close friends’. There should be something that says ‘get started’. This is going to allow you the freedom to choose what people you want for your CFS. Simply choose all the names you want to include. Then, there should be an option to ‘create list’. This should be you finished. Then, you are going to be free to create stories of anything you want on the app and you can simply post them to your CFS.

Can You Go Live to CFS?

One of the most popular features on Instagram right now is the Live feature. This means that you can go live in real time to your followers and show what you are doing. This is something that a lot of celebrities and ordinary people like to use. I can get people’s live reaction and share parts of your life with others. Something that a lot of people are hoping for is that you can go live to your CFS. This is something that a lot of people have been sharing on Twitter and they want to use this type of feature.

However, we can confirm that you cannot currently go live to your CFS. This is something that is not included on the app for now. But, since there is a lot of interest shown in this feature, it might be something that Instagram thinks about in the future. So, watch this space and it could be a feature you see in the future.

To Summarize

Learning the slang words that people use on Instagram is going to lead to having more fun and a better user experience overall. For example, something that you might have seen people mentioning lately is CFS on Instagram. So, let’s take a closer look at what we have learned so far in this post.

First of all, what does CFS stand for? This is a shortened version of close friend’s story. This is a feature that you are able to enjoy on Instagram. Ultimately, this means that you can have a private story and post it to your Instagram account. Then, it is only going to be available for certain people to see. You are able to add the accounts you want to on CFS. This is a good feature that means you can share private details with only a certain amount of people. This can be a good safety feature if you are at home or at a local bar. This keeps your whereabouts private.

It is very easy to use CFS on Instagram. This means that anybody is going to be able to do it. First of all, open up the app and then go to your profile. There is a bit where you can decide on your close friends and this is where you are going to be able to choose your close friends for CFS. Then, all you have to do is create a story and you are going to be able to post them to CFS.

Unfortunately, one of the few things you cannot do is go live on CFS. This is not currently a feature you can enjoy. But, it may be something that you can enjoy in the future. So, you can watch out for it if you like having a Live story and enjoy using CFS. Instagram often listens to feedback. So, if more people talk about it online, it might be a feature that can be added in the future.

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