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Who is YouTuber Mizkif’s Sister? Meet Emily Rinaudo on Instagram!

Who is YouTuber Mizkif’s Sister? Meet Emily Rinaudo on Instagram!

Do you like to keep up with streamers? Have you ever watched Mizkif and wondered who his sister is? After he introduced his sister on his stream, she has gained a lot of attention. Her name is Emily Rinaudo and she is an Instagram model. Do you want to know more about her? Let’s take a look at who she is.

Who is Mizkif?

There are going to be some people that recognize Matthew Rinaudo by his internet name. He is called Mizkif. He is best known for streaming, which he started back in 2016. While he started off with a small following, by 2018, he was more popular. This was due to being a cameraman for Ice Poseidon. After some controversy, he took a break from streaming. He had some problems with his health that he had to sort out.

A lot of people started to recognize Mizkif because he made a lot of money during a sleeping stream. Namely, he made more than $5,600. This was a lot different to the gaming streams that he normally did. In addition, he had another popular stream during the 2020 United States Presidential Election. He was the third most watched stream.

Currently, he has posted 834 videos on YouTube and enjoys having 316,000 subscribers. This another business venture for his brand alongside streaming on Twitch. In fact, a lot of videos end up here, as well as reaction and different gaming videos. Matthew Rinaudo also has a large and active following on other social media platforms. For example, he has over 318,000 followers on Twitter, as well as more than 144,000 followers on Instagram. Of course, this is accompanied by having over one million followers now on Twitch.

What Video Showed Emily Rinaudo?

The first time that Mizkif’s fans got to meet his sister was when he featured her in one of his YouTube videos. This video was called ‘sister streams for the first time (this is how much she made)’.  He makes out that he has to leave and he is leaving her in charge of the stream because he trusts her. Mizkif also claims that it is her birthday and so everything she manages to make on the stream he is going to give her at the end. Straight away, viewers were posting comments about Emily and it was clear that she was becoming very popular. The goal for donations was set to $100. Since everybody loved her, she managed to make $173. In addition, this video managed to enjoy over 500,000 views, which makes it one of Mizkif’s most popular videos.

Who is Emily Rinaudo?

Emily Rinaudo was born on 22nd January 1996. She is from Chesapeake, Virginia and this makes her 25 years old. Despite being in the limelight and being very popular, there is not a lot known about Emily Rinaudo and her private life. For example, we know that Matthew is her brother since he is an online streamer. But, we do not know anything about their parents or background. In addition, a lot of people want to know if Emily Rinaudo has a boyfriend. However, she likes to keep her life private and this is not details we know about. The only information we know is that she once dated Connor Keating. Now, she is believed to have a net worth of $500,000.

Emily Rinaudo did star on Mizkif’s stream. However, she has become famous in her own right. Namely, she has become a model on Instagram and she has gained over 152,000 followers for her images. In particular, she would take photos in bikinis and lingerie, which gathered a lot of likes. In addition, she took part in a competition called Maxim’s Finest. This was held by Maxim, which is an international men’s magazine.

Unfortunately, Emily Rinaudo was involved in controversy during her career. In particular, not all people liked her images and thought they were provocative. This eventually led to her Instagram account being disabled. This was said to happen because she violated the policies of Instagram. This meant that she had to create a new account and this is where she has managed to gain her 152,000 followers.

Emily Rinaudo also has her own YouTube. While she posts some videos, she is not active on a regular basis. So far, she has gained 25,500 followers on her YouTube channel. She has also enjoyed having over 283,738 views on her videos.

To Summarize

If you are wondering who the sister is of Mizkif, you are thinking about Emily Rinaudo. She was a hit when she featured on his video and she had all of the comments making positive remarks about her. But she is not just famous because she appeared on his brother’s stream. She is also an Instagram model. This means that she already has a large following and it is growing all of the time. Her original account was deactivated after she broke the rules of Instagram. Perhaps she would have an even larger following if this did not happen. A lot of people like her images and she often posts photos in bikinis and lingerie.

Of course, if you are wanting to know a little more about Mizkif, he is a famous streamer. He streams himself playing games and people like to watch. He can also be humorous, which a lot of viewers find entertaining. He has over one million followers on Twitch, as well as being active on other social media platforms. This includes having a lot of followers on Twitter and Instagram. Mizkif is also posting videos on YouTube for people to watch. He posts several videos a day, which keeps people amused. In total, he has had over 70 million views on his channel. So, while he has 317,000 subscribers, he is certainly making a lot of money with his different platforms. This means that he is likely to keep posting videos for his viewers to enjoy.

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